How to Request or Request a Refund on the Steam Platform

How to Request or Request a Refund on the Steam

If you wonder how can I request or request a refund on the Steam platform? You should know that it is not complicated at all and that it is rather a simple process.

Steam offers a very large number of deliveries that you can buy, so you have a huge catalog to choose from. However, it usually happens that you lose interest in a game or you simply do not want to play it anymore. And for that the need arises to request a refund. It is advisable to ask for your money back first before completely removing the game from your computer.

How to make a request to return a purchase?

Once we have decided which delivery is the one we want to return to recover our invested money. We will have to open our user on the platform. We can do this both in the browser and in the desktop program. Later we will have to go to support to see our recent purchases and select the one we want.

When doing so, a menu will appear with several options in which we will have to select any of the available ones. In general, these options refer to or imply that we did not like the game. If we click on any of these options We will see another menu with more options.

In this menu that opens we can see the refund option, it will appear directly. If we click here it will open a tab in where we are notified that the return will be requested of such a product and we will be asked if we agree with this. Additionally we can give a testimony of what we did not like about the game. Then we must select send.

request a refund on the steam platform

With this done, the request for reimbursement will be sent, with this, it only remains wait a bit to be able to use our money to buy and install another game within the same platform.

Necessary conditions for the return to be approved quickly

Steam offers the refund service for many of its products. Mainly for purchases in Valve games, so if you want make this request in games from other companies. You will have to read the terms that they impose.

This what you can do is that the time to be able to request it is shorter. It usually takes 2 hours to make the request and say that you did not like the game for any reason. Although this changes if it is a Valve game, since Steam offers you up to 48 hours to do the process.

In case your account has only one game or one purchase, some functions may be affected. This may be the case of adding friends to your Steam account. Because this feature is usually enabled when make purchases within the app.

In addition to the aforementioned, you must be clear when giving your reason for the refund, because if there is any bad intention or that you are falsifying data. This will be rejected and you will not be able to get your money back. Likewise, when making a purchase try to test the game to check that it is what they offered you and that you fully agree with it.

Special case for European Union countries

If you are residing in any of the member countries of the European Union, you should know that you have certain special benefits. On the one hand, something that can be crucial is the speed with which the request is approved, because these are processed very quickly, recovering your money in a few hours.

steam platform request refund from my laptop

Also, if the server detects that you are in one of these countries, you will not have to give any kind of explanation as to why you need the refund. In this way you should not complete any form or give any reason.

This provides a greater privacy at the time of application. In addition, you will not have any type of penalty for such a refund.

This particular case is truly useful, what you should bear in mind is that the timeframes to do the request remain the same, and in the same way it must be done as soon as possible.

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