How to Reset Mozilla Firefox to Default Settings?

Today we are going to see how to reset Mozilla Firefox to default settings. So that, in case of any problem, you can restart it. To solve this matter in a fairly quick and practical way.

Firefox was one of the first alternatives to Internet Explorer to become extremely popular, keeping it as the fastest and most widely used browser for a long time. Since then Chrome would be left and from what it seems, it will continue to be that way for much longer.

But nowadays Firefox is still one of the most used and it is not for less, since it has quite interesting characteristics: it is very fast, safe and lightweight to be able to use it quietly on any computer and mobile device.

However, no application or program is free from having one or another error from time to time. Not even the best and that is why it is necessary to know how to deal with such errors. One of the best ways to fix any problem you have with Mozilla Firefox is to factory reset it.

Factory resetting any browser can fix many problems you may have. Be it errors or even annoying advertisement called adware in a nutshell, it presents itself as a simple solution and quick to fix the browser and thus be able to continue using it normally.

For this reason, we are going to see a detailed tutorial where you will learn in a few steps how to factory reset the Mozilla Firefox browser. In this way you can restore it to the default values ​​as soon as we install it and solve any kind of problem you have to continue browsing with total normality.

restore configuration

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How to restore default Firefox settings

What happens when we reset Firefox? Basically we leave the browser as the first time we installed it. No plugins, no personal settings, absolutely nothing. With the basics it hardly installs.

This in many occasions is a good idea, since it helps us to solve one or another varied problem. Especially for those people who have problems with adware (annoying advertising).

So, when we reset Firefox what happens is that everything in the browser is back to default, as if it had just been installed: Add-on settings, add-ons, toolbar customization, styles, themes, security, privacy, search engines, etc.

Therefore, you must be completely sure that you want to reset the browser. If it is what you really want, then this tutorial that we will leave you next will be very useful.

reset firefox

How to reset Firefox to its default settings

To restore Firefox to its configuration, what we must do is follow these steps, which are really very simple:

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  • First open Firefox and then you will have to click on the three horizontal lines that are in the upper right part of the screen.
  • A menu is displayed where you must click on the question mark at the bottom of it.
  • Now simply click on “Troubleshooting Information“Or”Troubleshooting information”.
  • A pop-up window appears where it will ask us if we want to reset Firefox to factory settings. Simply click on the button “Reset Firefox“Or”Restart Firefox “.
  • We go to another window where we will have to click again on “Reset Firefox“Or”Restart Firefox.

Once we do, the browser will close for a few seconds and reopen as if you had just installed it. Obviously, before proceeding with all this, we recommend that you make a backup of everything that you consider important in the browser just in case, it is very likely that even the bookmarks will be eliminated.

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