How to Reset or Restore a Locked Android Tablet to Factory Settings? (Example)

Today I will teach you to Reset or Restore an Android Tablet. Both mobiles and Tablets they may suffer from software problems, this causes slowness, applications stop, etc. It also applies, for example, to unlock an Android cell phone if the pattern or password is forgotten.

Without a doubt, Tablets are the preferred devices for users who love reading, but also for those who play. The detail is that, like any electronic device, they can present failures. Sometimes they get a little slow.

In some cases you must take your Tablet directly to a technical service, and in other cases you can perform the procedure yourself. Through this section I will be teaching you Reset or Restore an Android Tablet to return to factory settings.

Restore or reset an Android Tablet

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Resetting or Restoring an Android Tablet is usually done when the device has software problems, or when the user wants to place the device from the factory. There are a couple of procedures to Reset or Restore an Android Tablet. Next I will show you how to carry out this process.

It does not matter which version of the Android system and its characteristics you have or update the Android software of a phone or tablet to the latest version, because anyway the reset will be total.

From settings

Performing this procedure on the Tablet can be done through the configuration of your device, following these steps:

Enter in «Configuration or Settings» of your Android tablet, select the option «Backup or restore» depending on your Tablet. Select «Factory reset». In the next window it tells you that some data will be erased from the internal memory, select in «Restore”.

Android operating system flashing

Your device will automatically restart and when you turn on you must enter your data (email and password) to enter again.

By recovery

The recovery is one of the options that devices with Android operating system have, and it is very helpful especially to solve these types of problems. This option can be found before the device starts or starts, to enter its interface you must do the following.

With the Tablet off you must turn it on pressing the «Power» button together with the «Volume – ”at the same time for about 6 seconds. When the logo appears you can release the «Power» button but keep pressing the «Volume -» button until the recovery interface is reflected.

This is the general way to enter the recovery of Android devices. In case it doesn’t work, you should look up the procedure for your Tablet model.

Now that you are in the recovery interface, you must scroll and select the option «wipe data factory reset». To move between the options with the buttons «Volume plus (Vol. +)» And «Volume less (Vol. -)», to select you do it with the «Power» button.

Select «Yes» and your device will reboot automatically to perform the reset. When you turn on your device it will be from the factory. You must remember that by performing this procedure all the information found in the internal memory of your device will be erased.

android tablet screen off

Restart Android Tablet

When the Tablet is experiencing slowness problems or some other software problem, you can have a solution by Reset or Restore an Android Tablet.

Sometimes you just need to perform a device restart. This can be done by removing the battery from the device, placing it again and turning on the mobile or Tablet.

But Tablets have an internal battery, so it is more difficult to disconnect the battery connector. To restart an Android Tablet when it is stuck, or has another type of failure, you just have to do the following.

Press the button «on off» for about 10 seconds or until the device reboots automatically. When turning on it will return to its natural state and in case it presents problems again, it is advisable to restore the Tablet.

You can also use the reset button!

In some Tablets there is the button «Reset”Which allows your device to restart when it has some kind of problem. The «Reset» button It is an excellent option for Tablets that have internal batteries, since it is difficult to access them.

By pressing the button “Reset”For about 5 seconds the Tablet will restart, which will allow the Tablet to restart in its natural state. You will need a pin or needle to be able to press this button.

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