How to Reset the Windows 10 Graphic Driver with a Keyboard Shortcut

Computing today is extremely essential for many people since we depend on these tools for tasks that are very difficult to perform. From banking transactions to programming and telecommunications to the world of entertainment using a computer is required.

Hence the importance that the operating system of the device you use is appropriate for the work you are going to do. The operating systems that are used today must provide the necessary tools so that the user can carry out any work.

Currently there are many companies that develop powerful operating systems able to get the best out of your hardware. Since a computer would be of no use to us if it did not have a good system to be able to use it in the best way.

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Systems whose innate tools can be very useful, saving you time and allowing you to work more comfortably. And today we have come to talk to you precisely about one of those tools, specifically about a shortcut that can be very useful.

This is the restart Driver of your graphics card using a command on the keyboard, a function that is only available in Windows 10. Before continuing and so that you better understand this whole topic, I invite you to read the following link that explains what they are, what they are for and how drivers or controllers work. So join us to learn how to reset your graphics card Drivers using this trick on your keyboard.

What are the drivers of a graphics card for?

Gamer keyboard with led lights

Before going into the explanation of this function of your keyboard, it is advisable to first clarify what the drivers of your graphics card are for. This will allow you to have a broader picture of the subject and you will learn more about the components of your computer.

The graphics card or video card is a hardware component of your Pc which is responsible for defining the images on your screen. Therefore, the Drivers of your graphic card are programs in charge of communicating the information between the operating system of your pc with this card.

They are, as it were, like a communication bridge between your pc and the card, they are very important because if they could not use it. However, sometimes these programs do not work well and will require you to restart them manually. How can you do it?

The procedure is very simple, just look below and you will see how you can reset your card using a command on your keyboard.

How to reset the graphics card drivers using your keyboard?

Graphics card with fan cooler

If you need to restart the Drivers of your graphics card then you are in the right place since we will show you what command you should use. A tip if you need to frequently reset the Drivers of your graphics card is that you write it down on a piece of paper and have it at hand.

Restart the Drivers of your graphics card using the keyboard command in Windows 10 It is very easy and will save you a lot of time. You only need to press the following buttons in the order in which we will give them below: Win + Ctrl + shitf + B

This shortcut is widely used by users when the computer presents freezing on the screen during games. And although it is very useful, it is most advisable if you have problems with your Graphic card is to change it for a more powerful one.

In Amazon, for example, you can find very good offers for very powerful graphics cards that you will surely like a lot. So if you have the possibility, go to this page and you will see that all the products it has are of very good quality.

What graphics card does your PC have?

Graphics cards are a crucial part for the proper functioning of a computer so you must always take into account what your graphics card is. Know which is your Graphic card It is very easy, but depending on your operating system, the steps may be different.

Do you know what video card you have in your pc? Knowing the steps to follow is very important. So we suggest that you research the correct way to find this information so that when you need it, you will have it on hand.

With this we come to the end of the article, we hope that our guide has been useful to you and that you can restart your graphics card.

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