How to Resize Images, Documents and Photos in Canva

If you are going to talk about design programs, it is obvious that the Canva will always come out. Because it is one of the most complete websites that exist to create and design all kinds of jobs. Similarly, you can resize images, documents, and photos in Canva. Therefore you can change the size and dimensions of any design

This application has become very popular, mostly due to the large number of functions it has (you can literally even make animated gifs in Canva pro). That is why today you will see how to resize or resize a layout in Canva.

And is that to be able to say with pride that you know how to use this program completely, you have to know each one of the functions and tricks that it hides, in order to gradually build your path and become a professional designer in your future (or at least an amateur who works as well as a pro).

What is Canva?

To begin with your learning today, the first thing you should know before solving the question of how to resize or resize a design in Canva? , is that it is this program itself.

Basically it is an online design website where you can do everything type of elements such as flyers, create a free advertising banner, create personalized birthday cards, letters, GIFS, short animations, business cards, among other things.

This is free and operates under the freemium mode, that is, you will have the complete program in its version without paying, but also other improvements and functions will be added for a very low price if you decide to obtain the PRO version.

This system avoids having ads on the page, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of distraction when you go to work.

Through this tool, you can download the images and designs you make for free. This, in any format, be it JEPG, PNG and even PDF. In the same way, it allows you to upload images from your computer to add them in the templates and not have to pay for pro images.

resize canva images documents laptop

The site is so complete that offers a huge collection of up to 8000 templates that you can use, and also allows you to buy the printing of the designs you make, so that they are sent to you and you can make them public wherever you want (that is, it is also stationery).

The interface of this wonderful website is extremely easy to understand, so it will not be a problem for novice designers or hobbyists to create their projects here. With the latter, you already have all the information you need to proceed to resize or resize a design in Canva.

How to resize or resize a design in Canva?

It must be taken into consideration that changes in the designs of the templates and designs sThey are only allowed for the pro version. Therefore, you must make a payment after the job is finished so that the application can generate the option to download.

Now, in order to start resizing the different projects you have created, first you have to choose one of them. Then, when you have already done this and enter the design area, go to the horizontal options bar that appears first on the screen, there select the option “Resize”.

This action will open a drop-down with a list in which there will be different options, among which are the custom dimensions and all those that come native to the program, such as the Instagram post.

Choose the one you want, so that two buttons in this same drop-down light up next, which are “Resize” and “Copy and resize”. The first one is used so that the changes are made on the image or design that you selected, saving them permanently in that way.

And the second, what it does is that it creates a separate copy of the design without changing the format of the original (this is the one that is recommended).

resize canva images documents

Regardless of which one you choose, you should only touch one of the buttons to automatically apply the desired changes.

Keep in mind that in some cases, if your design has too many elements, they may be a little messy or poorly arranged. But that is not at all worrisome, since the program will allow you to edit the new design to place it as it was before, only with a new dimension.

Ways to easily resize a poster in Canva

Many times photos, posters or banners they are not the indicated size or that you want to upload it on a page or social network. It is for this reason that sometimes it is necessary to resize images, documents or photos in Canva to make them an ideal size.

The Canva application offers several ways to change the size or dimensions of any image or photo. Either changing the format completely, creating a new template or slightly modify the edges of the images.

For this you just have to look for the button custom dimensions to find the dimensions you need. At this moment a small box opens where it will ask you for the height and width that you require in the image.

After this, you must press on create new design and the template with the specified size is automatically generated. Then, you must search in uploaded files and there find the image or poster you want to upload.

When the image is uploaded, you can still adjust the image a bit more relative to the size bounding box. In this sense, pYou can leave the margins with a little white space or cover the entire width and length of the template with the selected image. At the end of this process you can click on publish and then download to get your poster or banner.

resize canva image size

Change document measurements in Canva

To resize images, documents and photos in Canva you must change the measurementss. In this sense, you must first define what type of image, banner or document you are going to make. Once you know which model you want, you can define what dimensions and measures the document should have.

Later, you must resize the size and apply the changes so that a template is created with the size you need. Having created the template you can start making changes to the document, either by writing or adding images. After adding these images, you can still modify its size and width even easier.

How to resize an image

Modify the size of an image when it is already in a template, it is a very simple process. If you want to resize an image in Canva, you just have to click on this image so that the margins of the image appear.

Once you can see these margins, you just have to move the cursor to one of the edges from image. Failing that, some white points may also appear, which are the points from which the image can be modified. When you have located them, you can enlarge or reduce the image to taste depending on what you want to do with it.

Steps to resize images for social media using Canva

Social networks youhave a specific model and size for all your images that are uploaded within their platforms. Thus, if you want to resize images, documents and photos in Canva, you must know exactly what is the ideal size for each social network.

To change the size and layout based on the specific size of a social network, you must use the procedures described above. You should find custom dimensions button and there place the size of the image equal to the one requested by the social network.

resize canva images documents

For a story in Instagram You must make an image in 1080 x 1920 px while in the posts for Facebook it is 940 x 788 px. The funds for TIK TOK require a 1080 x 1920 px image and for Twitter the image must be 1600 x 900 px.

When you create a banner for a blogYou must make an image of 2240 x 1260 px but if it is a simple image the dimensions are 800 x 1200 px. The YouTube thumbnails They are made with images in 1280 x 720 px and banners in 2560 x 1440 px.

If you plan to do a Logo, the dimensions of the image should be 500 x 500 px and those of an invitation are 14 x 14 cm. The flyers are 210 x 297 mm in size while the posters are 42 x 59.4 cm.

And voila, with all of the above you can resize or resize images, documents or photos in Canva. It shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes, so quickly go to the program and start editing as much as you want. Remember that as a good complement it does not hurt to learn how to cut in the form of circles, squares, triangles, among other things.

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