How to Resize Multiple Photos or Images in PowerPoint (Example)

PowerPoint is a fully functional tool for the presentation of texts, images and multimedia files. With this program you can make adjustments and personalize your slides thanks to its multiple functions. In this sense, you may be interested in knowing How to resize multiple photos or images in PowerPoint

What is PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is an application created by the Microsoft company. PowerPoint is a useful tool for creation of presentations intended for multiple uses. This program is part of the Microsoft Office suite.

What is PowerPoint for?

PowerPoint is used to disseminate information through slides that are part of a presentation. This program has a set of themes and designs. In this regard, users can change the themes of a slide for more attractive presentations.

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In addition, PowerPoint allows you to insert and edit images, put animations and transitions to the slides and / or link tables and graphs if necessary. One of the great advantages of this tool is that allows you to view the content of the slides in full screen so it is ideal for presenting academic and / or professional projects.

How to resize multiple photos or images in PowerPoint

it’s possible resize images in PowerPoint manually and automatically. Next, we explain each of the steps you need to know in order to apply these two procedures according to your needs and / or preferences.

Open PowerPoint

First of all, you need access the PowerPoint application. To do this, type in the Windows search engine «PowerPoint» and click on the icon that will appear at the top of the search tool. If you do not have this application, you can go to the official Microsoft website and download the Office package.

PowerPoint logo

Insert multiple photos or images

To add several photos or images to one or more slides, you must go to the «Insert» tab and click on the «Image» option. Later, locate and select the image you want to add to the slide. Then press the «Insert» button.

Repeat this procedure for all the photos or images you want to insert into your PowerPoint slides. Note that they are all different sizes, therefore a size adjustment is necessary.

Resize photos and images automatically

If you need to make a automatic resizing For all the photos and images you just inserted, you must hold down the «Ctrl» key and click on each of the images. Later, locate the “Format” tab and click on “Image Tools”.

Find the group «Size» and there enter the width and height of the photos and images. When you type the value of one of these fields the other field will automatically show a proportional value. Once you define the size, press the «Enter» key.

PowerPoint slide

Adjust the size of photos and images manually

It is also possible resize photos and images manually in PowerPoint. To do this, click «Insert» and «Image.» In the new window, locate the image you want to add to the slide and press the «Insert» button. Repeat this task for all the images or photos that you want to add to the slides.

Then, click on one of the images and you will notice that it has a bounding box with eight control points. To manually adjust its size, you just have to click on one of the control points and drag the mouse to increase or reduce the size of the image.

Compress the image

Once you have achieved the ideal size for each image, proceed to compress them. To do so, go to «Format» and in «Image Tools» click on «Compress images». Complete this task for each of the photos and images that you have added to your slides and

Finally, click on the PowerPoint start button and select the «Save As» option. In the new window, write a name to identify your presentation and press the «Save» button.

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