How to Resize Several Images at the Same Time by Batches without Online Programs

Today we are going to see how to batch resize multiple images at once without online programs in a very simple way with the use of a website that is too useful to be able to do this.

You don’t have to use any kind of app to get what you want. You will only have to visit a web page that is responsible for processing the photos, they are processed on your computer. So it will not be necessary to upload them to the internet.


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It is a process that is too simple and complex at the same time. The photos are added to this website, they are not uploaded to the internet, but they are processed according to your specifications and you can save them all modified in a matter of a few seconds.

When resizing all the images, you can choose the size, quality and weight of the same. It is ideal for save the maximum amount of space possible and keep all those photos in the best quality possible. Let’s see how we should do to achieve it.

How to resize many images at once

  • The first thing we are going to do is enter the Bulk Resize website. We can do it from any browser.
  • Next, we are going to press where it says “Choose images”.
  • A window will open so that we can choose all the images that we want to resize.
  • Here you can choose up to 150 images to modify their size.
  • Once you select the images you will see that a blue box appears with a few options:
  • Scale: this is to scale the image dimension by percentage.
  • File size: you can choose the maximum weight of the files. Ideal to reduce their weight. Keep in mind that if the image is too large and you add too little weight, the quality will be poor.
  • Exact dimensions: You can choose the size of the image, it should be consistent with the size.
  • Width and height: to choose the dimensions
  • After this we will simply have to press on «Change startup size”And the process will begin.
  • The process is quite fast. However, depending on the number of images and their quality, it may take a while.
  • Once we click on the button, all the photos or images will be converted and when it is finished it will open a box with the file that we must download, which contains all the images transformed into .ZIP format.

This file must be unzipped on your computer. For this you can use WinRAR, a program that, if you don’t have it installed, you should definitely have it.

How to reduce the size of images in batches

As you can see, it is really very easy to do it and it should not take you long. Remember that the limit is 150 images per batch. It is a considerable amount considering that it is a website, we will not have to download anything.

In case you want to download a reliable program to resize many images at once, even thousands. Then we recommend that you give Arles Web Page Creator a try. It is a program that is used to make image galleries in HTML and PHP.

image woman

Nowadays it is a fairly basic program that has lost much popularity thanks to the dynamic websites running CMS with the Wordpress program. However, to resize thousands of images, place a watermark, etc. It is still one of the best.

In addition, it is totally free so you can use it without any limitation. In this case you can resize not only thousands and thousands of images in minutes. But you can also add a watermark in text or logo format.

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