How to Resize Viewers in 3D Studio Max the Easy Way

Thanks to advances in the fields of technology and programming, we have been able to innovate and create new spaces that allow us to increasingly enjoy entertainment, family enjoyment, the world of cinema, video games and of the great wonders of architecture.

Likewise, it is through the best tools and computer programs that progress has been made in the different fields of computer science, such as the case of the animation and images.

Next, we will tell you about a help that, like you, has allowed you to create or design images like never before, it is the 3D Studio Max program.

What is 3D Studio Max and what is it used for?

It was originally created by the Yost Group for Autodesk, sold for DOS in 1990. It is a program that has the best tools and services that google can offer, since they allow you to create, design or animate a graphic.

Therefore, it will allow you to render objects, this is obtained through a process of mathematical operations in relation to the three-dimensional geometry that the computer executes, in order to create an object or even a scenery visible or available in 3D.

3d studio program allows you to see images in different planes

That is, it works with the axes of the Cartesian plane, in their three dimensionsIt is as if we were looking at a photograph or a real sculpture, and that once saved, you can use it to show it to a particular audience or make it printed.

In order to create a graph, a series of stages are carried out: modeling that consists of create each object separately and then include it in the final scene that has also been created.

The composition of the scene will allow you to know how to distribute each element of the scene like lighting, shadow, animation and of the objects that will remain static.

There are several ways to create animation on your computer, this allows you manage to coordinate which objects on the stage they must deform or move and the time in which the same must occur.

If you already know all that and even how to insert and add an image plane in 3D Studio Max and what you want is to increase the size of the view of your viewers, but you don’t know how to do it? Next, we will explain step by step what you should do.

How to easily resize viewers in 3D Studio Max

There are two ways in which you can change the size of the 3D Studio Max viewers to work more comfortably when you are working, either because you want to enlarge or reduce them in size.

3d studio lets you change object image viewers

Step 1

For change the height of your visor, Place with the pointer the line that is shown in the separation between each viewer, and select it, when you do this you will see that the shape of the pointer changes by an arrow in a vertical position with directions up and down, that means that you already have it selected.

Step 2

If you release the selection click with the pointer, drag it either upwards if you want expand the width of the viewerOtherwise, drag it down and it will shrink.

Step 3

Now if your desire is to expand the size of the length of your visor, locate and select the pointer on the line again, but the one on your left or right hand, without releasing it, now stretch the viewer to your right or to your left, and release it the moment you see that the measurement is the one you want and that’s it.

Step 4

The second way that you can resize your viewers, is by locating the pointer, but from where the four viewers coincide, selecting from there without releasing the pointer will change its shape again

There is a cross and indicating its ends with arrows, this means that the viewers are selected, proceed to stretch or reduce your viewer to the point that you see convenient its size, according to what you are creating or animating.

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