How to Restore Mozilla Thunderbird Profiles from a Backup

Many people consider applications or social networks as tools to communicate or entertain themselves, where they can express their opinions with other people regardless of their needs or interests, as well as being means where they can make their companies known and at the same time protect the information.

Another means that people use to send and receive information, whether for personal or business interest, are the emails. And in case you have important information it is necessary to save or backup the mail folders in Mozilla Thunderbird.

An email is a tool that allows the exchange of information and messages through electronic means, text messages, documents, video, images, audios, among others.

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Just as in social networks you have a profile so that the people who enter it know that it is you, the emails also have one.

In this case, an email profile contains information or data file to know where the information of the email or email accounts is stored.

A email profile It is made up of email accounts, data files, and information about where email is stored. However, it is possible to see and know who is sending an email in Mozilla Thunderbird

There are applications created for this purpose of creating profiles to save your email information, including Mozilla Thunderbird.

What is Mozilla Thunderbird?

Mozilla Thunderbird is an application that allows you to manage your mail. It can also be said that it is a service offered by the Mozilla foundation who are the creators of Mozilla Firefox; They launched it on the market in 2004 with its first version.

person with laptop with mail logo and Mozilla Thunderbird

Many prefer this application because it is open source which makes it possible for it to be modified, improved in its code for its better evolution. for this reason, many choose to switch or import my contacts from Gmail to Mozilla Thunderbird.

It is an easy-to-use, fast and efficient application which you can obtain for free, and you also have the opportunity to customize it and work with it on numerous platforms.

Mozilla Thunderbird contains Rss reader, classifies your messages by search history, mail filters, tabs that allow you to read them, keeps HTML emails, tags with messages, news, skins and extensions, PGP codes, plus it contains its own spell checker .

For Mozilla Thunderbird your security is very important, as it has spam location, anti-fraud and constant updates which allow you to customize it whenever you want.

Mozilla Thunderbird allows you to save your information, passwords in a set of files with the profile name that is responsible for placing the available files separately. And in case you forget the password you can change the password of my Mozilla Thunderbird account

The purpose of this profile is to store your email and changes to your account. The files available in the profile are also separated from the Thunderbird files, because in the event that you had to uninstall this application, the messages are not lost.

At the time that you do the installation of Mozilla Thunderbird Your profile is immediately created by default and will be activated whenever you use it automatically.

How can you restore Mozilla Thunderbird profiles from a backup?

Mozilla Thunderbird logo on black background

There are several steps you must follow in order to restore Mozilla Thunderbird profiles with backup; I’ll show you below:

Step 1

If it turns out that the name of your profile folder you want to reset, go to ‘Thunderbird’ and close it, then go to the ‘Profile Manager’ of it to be able to create a new one wherever you want and close it.

Step 2

Find your profile folder that is in the ‘Backup’, either on a USB or hard drive, and then open it.

Step 3

The content or file that is in the profile folder that is in the backup, find it and copy it.

Step 4

After you have found the new profile folder, close ‘Mozilla Thunderbird’ and then copy the file or contents of the profile folder in ‘Backup’ to the new one and replace the available files with the same name.

Step 5

After performing these steps close ‘Mozilla Thunderbird’ and immediately go to move your profile. If it turns out that you didn’t notice and they have the same name, change the profile folder to the security folder and run Thunderbird again.

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