How to Restore, Reboot, and Format My Phone to Factory Settings From Recovery

Through this simple guide you will learn how to restore, reboot, and format the cell phone to factory settings from recovery, a function that can be useful in the event that your mobile has serious problems.

What is Recovery mode?

Over time, mobile devices have integrated different security systems against failures. In fact, this has become necessary as phones have evolved in features and technology.

Recovery mode seeks to be as its indica name is a recovery environment in the event that the device fails. It is a space that we can access if for some reason our device does not work properly, does not start or simply if we want to format or restart the cell phone and establish it from the factory.

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recovery mode android

Certainly this should be used as a last resort and bearing in mind that it compromises users’ files. For this reason, if you have problems like your Android cell phone turning itself off and on at all times, it is best to do certain checks beforehand. Even so, if you want to use this method, it is clear that you must save device information in some way or another.

Restore, restart or format the mobile to factory settings with recovery

It’s certainly best to restore Android to factory settings in the conventional way, but if you still want to use Recovery mode, keep in mind that this process varies depending on the deviceFurthermore, some more modern mobiles do not allow access to the Recovery options. In any case, it is worth knowing how this procedure is performed, as it can be useful in emergencies.

As we pointed out before, although the process varies depending on the cell phone, in most cases the first thing we have to do is turn off the mobile device. Once it has been turned off, we can start the process to restore and format the cell phone to factory settings with Recovery.

Even so, before starting it is very important to keep in mind that the following process will cause all the data on the device to be erased. For this reason, it is essential to make a backup copy of your photos, videos and other files before proceeding.

restore cell phone recovery mode

Format a cell phone to factory settings with Recovery

  • Once the device is off, you just have to press the combination of buttons: volume up + power button for a while until the menu appears. Please note that depending on the mobile device the button combination may vary.
  • Some mobiles use the volume down + power combination and other older ones even require the occasional physical button to be pressed, even so, the previous ones are the most common.
  • The menu to do is Recovery varies according to the mobile, in any case, in most cases it is very similar. In this case, as we want to format and restart the mobile completely, the option that interests us is «Wipe data / factory reset».
  • To get to the aforementioned option, we will use the buttons volume up and volume down to move through the menu. Once we are on the previous option, you just have to press the power button.
  • Another menu will be displayed through which we must confirm our actions, for this, just go to the option «Yes – delete all user data». Once you are on this option, press the power button again to finish the process.

Wait until the entire procedure is finished, after which the mobile should start without any configuration, that is, in its original factory state. Keep in mind that this is very different from rooting an Android device with the KingoRoot Apk or similar actions, since the Recovery mode is designed precisely to recover the device.

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