How to Restore the Factory Settings of Photoshop Settings

Then we will see How to restore Photoshop settings to factory settings in case your work area undergoes any modification or an important panel disappears.

The Photoshop program is one of the most used to edit photos. We cannot deny the rich power that this program has and the facilities it can give us when editing any kind of photography.

Although there are many alternatives. Few can rival all features with which this program has, which are not exactly few. Something that was developed over the years and its large number of versions.

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That is why it is a tool that professional designers use every day to carry out their work. What you can do with Photoshop is really incredible and the best of all is that learning how to use it is not complicated at all.

All this combined, makes it an ideal program for anyone who is just starting out or has been in the world of graphic design and photo editing for some time. In addition, the Adobe suite has other interesting tools that can be very useful.

But focusing on Photoshop, the work area can be personalized, changing everything to optimize our time when we use it. The problem is that sometimes by mistake we can misconfigure something or lose a view panel.

In those cases the only option we have left is to return to the Photoshop factory settings so that everything is computer as usual. Do you want to know how to do it? You just have to keep reading.

Pay close attention, since you can manipulate the entire work area as you like and, above all, as more comfortable for you.

How to reset default values ​​in Photoshop

First we have to be clear about what we want to return to its factory settings. So we are going to go step by step in this regard.

If your workspace looks different and you want to go back to the one that comes by default in the program. What you should do is go to «Window» then select «Workspace» and to finish you will simply have to click on «Essential Aspects (Default)».

In case the toolbar disappears or is not in the default place. What we will have to do is go to “Window«Then you will have to choose»Tools» and ready.

If you go to option Window> Workspace. You can indicate if you want specific panels to be shown or remove them to have more space to carry out your work.

You can also create your own workspaces. For this you will have to make all the modifications you want and once you do it you will have to go to Window> workspace> New workspace.

Restore settings defaults in Photoshop

Thus, Photoshop it will save all the changes made, even the keyboard shortcuts so that your personalized configuration is available to use whenever you want. This way you can switch between the default and custom workspace whenever you want.

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This is ideal for those who must share their equipment with coworkers, etc. So that everyone has their own custom workspace and can be accessed in seconds.

But this also comes in handy when we remove the panels. Since we will only have to go to Window> Workspace and simply select the one that we have configured so that everything returns to its place.

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