How to Retrieve the History of Connected USB Devices on my PC (Example)

Have knowledge about a history of USB devices that were connected from the first time the computer was turned on It is a very useful tool, and today we are going to explain why.

In addition to the Internet, any connection made through these ports (mainly pendrive) tends to host some type of risk. Since they are the habitat of viruses.

In the event that the computer you are using is personal or from a public network, there is the possibility of not being able to control the number of connected devices and that represents a breach in the protection barriers.

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If unfortunately you have a degree of infection within the operating system (and you want to know its origin) or you simply want to obtain a list to keep control. This history can prove to be very helpful to you..

Methods of obtaining the history of USB devices

This procedure can be completed from the comfort of the computer, or using a third-party portable program. The use of either one is recommended.

USB device history

This is because both are capable of completing the task, even though one provides more detailed information than the other. However, the usefulness of these histories is at the fingertips of each one, and today you can learn how to do it.

Get history from command prompt

Accessing this section is quite simple, but It depends directly on the version of Windows that your computer uses. For example, for users who use versions prior to Windows 10, they need to enter the word «cmd» within the search engine or the «Run» function to open it.

On the other hand, those who use this new operating system only need to right click on the «Start Menu» to access it directly.

Once the command window opens, you should go back to the root of drive «C», typing «cd» followed by the «Enter» key until you do.

The next step will be to enter the command «reg query hklm system currentcontrolset enum usbstor / s«Without quotes and then press the» Enter «key again.

Automatically within the window will appear a list of all the devices that have ever been connected to the computer, accompanied in turn by their identification.

Use USBDeview to acquire history

In case the history of USB devices provided by the command prompt does not seem pleasant to the naked eye, there is always a third-party program that can help you.

Although the Internet is surrounded by many softwares that promise to fulfill this purpose. This is the most recommended for having portable, low-weight, and high-detail features within your report.

With regard to USBDeview, it can be purchased through its official site as a direct download. In addition, it is compatible for versions of Windows ranging from XP to the most up-to-date.

USBDeview to acquire history

The compressed ZIP that you will have to download will depend on the number of bits with which the browser to analyze operates, and once it is finished you will only have to unzip it and run it.

The software will automatically provide you a report with the extensive list of devices what have been connected to the computer. Accompanied by information such as its name, description, driver it uses, its serial number, among others.

How is it possible to obtain a history of USB devices?

Everything is due to the ability of the computer to store the necessary information about connected devices. The main function of this skill is so that every time the admin user or any other person connects a device. This remains remembered within the computer.

In this way, it is also sought that there is no need to reinstall the drivers to use it. Thanks to this, this history will include in its list those devices that are not currently connected to the computer.

So with these simple methods you can acquire control of each of the devices that have ever entered your computer.

Device history USB it will serve as a tool for you to find sources of possible contamination and invasion of privacy. In order to prevent the next time the connection is made.

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