How to Root Android Device with KingoRoot Apk without PC (Example)

Rooting an Android device has its advantages and disadvantages, however it is still the best method to be able to better manage your device’s system. Many people fear rooting their device because they think it is a very cumbersome process, but today we will teach you how to root Android device with KingRoot Apk without PC. Before we get to know this app and the benefits it offers better.

easy root with kingroot

What is KingRoot?

KingRoot is an application designed to root Android devices easily and safely. The objective of KingRoot is to open an access to the user so that he can better use of device resources, without the limits placed by the operating system. In other words, you can modify parts of the system that you did not have access to before, and that may be limiting the potential and performance of your team.

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By obtaining superuser permissions or being a root user with KingRoot, you will be able to change certain aspects of the Android system and get more out of the device. For example, you can use applications for root users that allow you to: uninstall factory applications that you do not use, better manage storage, customize the interface and much more.

According to the developer’s website, the latest version of KingRoot apk can root a large number of devices of different brands with Android 2.3 and higher versions. Also, it is not necessary to use a PC to complete the process.

What advantages does KingRoot offer when rooting a device?

Using the KingRoot apk to root your device has many advantages, since, unlike other methods, its installation and use are very simple. But there is much more:

  • You can get the installation apk and download it totally free, without complications.
  • You don’t need a PC to carry out the process, you can do it all from the device you plan to root.
  • The obtained permissions will allow you to better manage the storage space of your device.
  • It is compatible with thousands of devices Android of different brands and manufacturers.
  • The process is very fast and you only need to press a button.

As you can see, use KingRoot it is one of the best methods to get superuser permissions on your device. Unlike those long and complicated rooting tutorials that you see online, with KingRoot you can do it yourself in just a few steps, and we will explain them to you below.

root process with kingroot

Root Android Device with KingRoot – Step by Step

As we have already mentioned, to root an Android device with the KingRoot apk you do not need a PC or USB cable to connect your device. Just follow the steps that we detail below:

  1. Enter the KingRoot official page from your device, click the «Download Latest KingRoot (APK)» button and wait for the download to finish.
  2. Before installing the apk you must enable the security option that allows installation of apps from unknown source. If you don’t know how to do it, click on the .apk file you just downloaded and you will see a notification of «Installation blocked». And then, you will see a screenshot that will show you the steps you need to follow to enable the option.
  3. After finishing the above process, press the .apk file again and select «Install» on the system installation screen, at the end press «Open».
  4. On the main KingRoot screen you will see the «Start Now» button and then select «Start Root» to start the rooting process.
  5. You will see a percentage bar running, do not exit the application or turn off the device. At the end, the device will restart and you will have your computer fully rooted.

As you note, the process is very simple, just remember that before starting it, your battery must be charged at least 60% to prevent the device from turning off before completing the process. And after finishing and checking if your Android has been rooted, you can configure KingRoot permissions for whatever you need.

It is possible that at install KingRoot, other apps such as Purify are also installed, but don’t worry, these are not necessary for root permissions to continue working. If you don’t need them, you can uninstall them without problems. In addition, KingRoot offers you a good menu of options so that you can configure the functions of the application. We hope this explanation has been helpful to you!

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