How to Rotate and use the Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen in Landscape mode?

It is incredible the capacity that human beings have to overcome and solve any problems that may arise. And this not only manifests itself in survival in nature, but has also been present in the technology of the contemporary age.

Thanks to this technology the lifestyle of the human being has changed in an amazing way, since thanks to it, the improvement of tools, options, applications and among other things is increasingly efficient. So much so that details as minimal as the screen rotation have been created.

What is screen rotation?

Screen rotation icon

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Screen rotation is a tool designed and applied in different operating systems for smart phones. That is, the tool appears in both operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone, which is not very difficult to access in most cases.

Since when did screen rotation appear?

When we talk about when screen rotation appeared, it is very important to understand that it only works on small and portable devices. That is, a team which the user can move without any inconvenience.

Therefore, even if this function exists, it may be a little unnecessary to rotate the screen on a computer, as it would be very rare if a user wants to change the orientation of the monitor. That is why this tool was designed and is more useful for devices with touchscreens and small sizes.

What is the use of rotating the screen of my cell phone?

Screen rotation allows some applications to be optimized for space that covers on the screen, that is, when a person with vision problems opens a program, for example Facebook, on small cell phones. It is very likely that you will have problems using it. We show you how to automatically rotate your Android screen

There are also other advantages that apply to this tool, such as video games. Some applications automatically activate the vertical screen so that the user can make the most of the device screen, and thereby improve the experience.

If I turn on screen rotation, do the programs appear vertically or horizontally?

Many programs do not come with the screen rotation tool, that is, they cannot be activated in a horizontal way. This is because companies consider an unnecessary waste of resources the power make the program viewable this way.

Although this does not really represent a serious problem, if we have automatic rotation activated on our equipment, and we are also using it horizontally. It does not mean that we will not be able to open these programs, only that we will appreciate it vertically and it will be a bit uncomfortable.

How to rotate and use the Samsung Galaxy S10 screen in landscape mode?

Although it seems complicated, the process to activate screen rotation is very simple, the first thing we must do is drag our finger up and down from the top of the screen. What will proceed to show us a small menu where we have the basic options of the cell phone.

Later among them we look for the one that says «Screen rotation», or if the equipment is not configured to Spanish «Auto rotate». Then we tap on it and the option will automatically be enabled. Although of course we must turn the cell phone to really appreciate the change.

Android mobile, options menu

Thanks to this tool we can make the most of our cell phone screen, and this is even more important when the device we use is smaller than usual. That is why it is important to know the process, despite how simple it really is.

We can also do some tasks easier horizontally, such as reading an article, writing with two hands or playing a video game, so it is a good alternative to do this and much more.

Finally we hope that this article has been of your help, however we would like to know, Do you know of another way to change or rotate the screen in landscape mode? Could you rotate the screen in landscape mode without problems? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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