How to Rotate or Flip a Video in VLC Permanent and Save It? – Fast and easy

VLC has multiple attributes that can be attractive to its users. Among the most outstanding features of this application we can mention the modification of the files. If you ask yourselfhow to rotate or flip a video in VLC permanently and save it?, then pay attention to this interesting article.

How to rotate or flip a video in VLC permanently and save it? -Fast and easy

VLC is a full player It allows downloading YouTube videos, converting files to other formats, adjusting images, synchronizing the audio and video of a file, and screenshots. This application is very practical and simple, for this reason, it has a high level of popularity.

Next, we explain what VLC consists of, its usefulness and operation, as well as the procedure you must follow to rotate a video and save that change.

What is VLC?

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VLC stands for VideoLAN Client and refers to an application or framework that plays audio and video files. This tool is widely used and supports a considerable number of multimedia file formats.

VLC was developed as a open source project And it can run on Windows, Linux, Android, OS X and iOS system. Generally, this application plays most codecs without the need to use additional applications due to the high level of compatibility that characterizes this program.

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What is VLC for?

VLC is used to play video and audio files from the hard drive or any other drive. This application allows you to establish compatibility with various video streaming. VLC also has the function of Subtitle and tags for file conversion. Even VLC allows you to install plugins in the Firefox browser to view multimedia content.

How does VLC work?

VideoLAN Client works through a functional and customizable interface from your own menu with the use of «Skins». The application has an upper bar that contains various functions and a lower bar that consists of volume and playback controls as well as a settings function for audio and video files.

Procedure to rotate or flip a video in VLC permanently and save it

VideoLAN Client allows you to modify the videos through its functions. If you want to permanently rotate a video and save this change, then follow these steps:

Download and install VideoLAN Client

First of all, you need to download and install VLC on your computer. For this you must enter the official website of videolan and click on the orange button «Download VLC».

Once you download the executable file, proceed to install the program on your computer in order to take advantage of its features.

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Access the VLC options

Once you manage to download and install VLC on your computer, you must access the application and open the video you want to modify. Then, locate the «Tools» menu and select the «Effects and Filters» option. In this window you will find the «Video Effects» tab and there you will see the option «Geometry».

A panel will open in which you must check the option «Transform». Immediately select the number of degrees you want to rotate the video and click the button «Keep». In this way, the video will be able to play automatically in the direction you have modified.

How to permanently save the video change?

For permanently save the video With the turn you have made, you must go to «Preferences» and in the «Video» section you will find the «Filters» option. In the panel on the right you must check «Video transformation filter». In «Show settings» (at the bottom of the window) select the «All» option.

Later, in the main VLC window, go to «Medium», choose the «Convert» option and click the button «Convert / Save». You will see the «Profile» section. There, select the video format and in the section «Video codec / Filters» Check the «Video Transform Filter». Finally, press the button «Keep». If you like how VLC works, then we recommend setting VLC as the default player in Windows.

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