How to Rotate or Rotate the Screen of an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? – Fast and easy

The vertical orientation is not always the best option, this is why you have to know How to rotate or rotate an iPhone screen, iPad or iPod Touch? – Easy and Fast, something that we will teach you here in case you have doubts.

Rotating the screen on our device can be very convenient to view different content, something especially useful if you use applications such as Youtube or Netflix. If you have doubts in relation to this basic option of your device, read the guide that we have prepared.

Although we will talk exclusively about iPhone, keep in mind that you can also rotate the screen on Android if the rotate option does not appear and many more actions to view the content more comfortably. Read on to find out how to rotate your iPhone screen.

Rotate the screen of an iPhone

What is the purpose of turning or rotating the screen of our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device?

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Most of the applications are designed to work vertically, so in many cases rotating the screen is not necessary. In any case, this is not always the case, as there are certain conditions in which they would be better rotate our screen.

Undoubtedly one of the reasons why users seek to rotate their screen is to view multimedia content, especially videos, series and movies, since these are almost always oriented horizontally. Fortunately, you can rotate the screen on a Samsung Galaxy, various Android devices, and iPhones as well.

If you want to view multimedia content horizontally or want to access applications more comfortably rotating your screenPlease read carefully the following guide that we have prepared for you.

How to rotate or rotate the screen of an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? – Fast and easy

The process to rotate or rotate the screen of our iPhone or another device of the Apple brand is very simple, in any case it usually generates great doubts for novice users. In case you don’t know how to rotate the screen of your device, do not worry because here we will teach you to do it very easily and step by step:

  1. The process to activate screen rotation on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device is quite simple. You just have to use the contextual menu that will appear by sliding the screen from bottom to top.
  2. As you will notice in this section it appears in multiple options such as the camera, flashlight, brightness, volume and even options such as activating airplane mode, deactivating networks, etc. Also here a small padlock with a circular arrow.
  3. This padlock with an arrow-shaped circle represents the option to turn or rotate the screen of our device. There are two variants available, when the symbol is in red, the rotation is deactivated, while if it is in white means it is activated.
  4. In the case that it is in red, to activate it you will only have to press on said button until it turns white. After this the screen rotation will be activated effectively.

Now every time you flip your phone horizontally, it will respond and flip the screen to that position. In turn, we recommend using the multi-window screen function on your mobile, as it works wonders with what we taught before.

iPhone rear

Keep in mind

It should be noted that not all apps support screen rotationFor example, Instagram works only vertically, so no matter how much you activate and deactivate screen rotation, the content of that application will not rotate.

In fact many applications simply do not have this function activated, so it is impossible to activate it otherwise. In any case, a large part of the applications allow rotation, something that can be very convenient in various cases.

On the other hand, this function can be performed with practically any device. So if you have a Windows 10 computer, you can also rotate the desktop screen very easily.

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