How to Save my Word and Excel Files Directly to Google Drive or Dropbox? Free (Example)

Today’s information clouds are incredibly useful when it comes to saving our files without having to worry about losing them from the computer due to any incident. If you are a user of Office, and you base your work on the use of these programs, it is necessary that you know how to save Word and Excel files in Google Drive or Dropbox.

Good to know that Microsoft has your own information cloud called OneDrive released in 2014 as a server to host any type of document and share it. It was made so that users of this company who have an account can use it for free.

It has the same functions as Google Drive or Dropbox, which is why it is added to the catalog of possibilities within Microsoft’s utilities.

Google drive and Dropbox choose the one that suits you best

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Already clarified, both comply with the same basic principles and what is sought is to save files of Word and Excel on Google Drive or Dropbox. However, it is necessary to know from its characteristics in general which of these is adapted to each particular user.

Anyway, there is the possibility to migrate or copy files between Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive for more convenience. Therefore, you will be able to handle them all if you prefer.

Google drive

Own Google, it exists since 2006 and was known at first as Google Docs. Drive, is presented as a desktop to which they can upload any type of files including those from office tools.

It also receives all the emails, photos, and other documents that go through Google+ and it can be used to edit Office documents in real time with other users.

sign on gray background google drive

Google drive offers more amount of free storage with 15 GB, which includes Gmail, but not Google Photos, which provides unlimited space. If you want to expand the capacity, this is the one that offers more flexibility in space purchase payments.

Regarding the feature of being able to work with other users, Drive is quite different from Dropbox, since in the latter this is not a possibility. Meanwhile, in drive there are Google Docs that are documents similar to those of Office. Using this feature of Drive, it is possible to change, add or delete some work with the help of third parties.


It was one of the pioneers when it came to storage via a PC and its operation has not undergone many significant changes since its inception. Once installed, synchronize with computer files, to save them on the server.

This has a special version for companies, which is a very good feature when you want to save Word and Excel files in Dropbox. With this special programming, each worker has a user and possibilities to upload files in a more secure way.

With Dropbox, it is also possible to share information and entire folders with third parties, as well as upload high-quality and heavy images. its interface is more ergonomic and friendly so it is still a bit more used by users.

How to save Word and Excel files to Google Drive or Dropbox?

Since you know the main characteristics of each one, and you can make a decision based on which one is best for you, learn now how to save the files. To do it through Google Drive, you must first download the program with a Microsoft extension and install it on your computer.

two shades of blue drop box

After this, a window will open where you must enter your Drive data to achieve the account link. From this moment on, you can save Word and Excel files in Google Drive, since these alternatives will appear in the document’s file options.

To save in Dropbox, the method is quite similar, the first thing is to also have the application installed on the computer. We right click on the application icon to enter «preferences«Within which we will select»general» and «Microsoft Office add-in”.

When applying the changes giving “To accept«We will be able to notice, as the next time we want to save a document, we will see the option to save it directly to Dropbox.

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