How to Schedule a Meeting by Zoom Videoconference From Cell Phone or PC (Example)

How to Schedule a Meeting by Zoom Videoconference From Cell

There are many video calling apps that have been launched to the public recently, but there is no doubt that one of the most relevant has been Zoom. And it is understandable, since it has many options that allow us to make video calls of true quality. If you use this app and want to get more out of it, today we will show you how to schedule a meeting by videoconference in Zoom from the cell phone or PC.

Having an organized life is of great help if we have many tasks to perform, and the Zoom Meetings app allows us to make video calls in a much more orderly way. Read on and find out how plan or schedule meetings in Zoom, and you will not regret it at all.

How to schedule video conferences in Zoom?

There is no doubt that technological tools have become especially useful in recent years. They not only allow us to entertain ourselves, but also Keep in contact with our loved ones, improve our studies and make our work much easier.

And there is no doubt that one of the tools that has not helped the most is Zoom. With its useful options we can carry out the best videoconferences. In fact, we can schedule meetings for a specific time, so that all participants prepare for it. But how to achieve it?

Here’s how to use Zoom and schedule video calls in the app. Read on and discover the simple steps to achieve it.

Steps to schedule video calls in Zoom

Like everything else in this famous app, the option to schedule meetings in Zoom, whether on PC or mobile, is very easy to use. The steps you must follow to achieve this are:

  • To get started, open the Zoom app and log in.

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  • Press the “Schedule” icon.
  • Select the your meeting setup.
  • Finally, press «Schedule» or in the case of mobile, the «Done» button.

That’s all! You just have to wait for the time you have scheduled, and you can enjoy your meeting in Zoom. As you can see, scheduling meetings in Zoom is very simple, and you only have to follow a few steps.

What are the settings when scheduling a meeting in Zoom?

When knowing how to schedule a meeting by videoconference in Zoom, surely you are wondering what exactly are the details to configure in it. Now we show you one list in order with everything you need to point out when setting up a meeting scheduled in Zoom:

  • Theme. What the video call will be about.
  • Start. It will be the date set for the meeting in question.
  • Duration. How long do you want this video conference to last?
  • Time zone. By custom, the Zoom app will take the default time zone of the cell phone to schedule the meeting, but if you want to specify another, you can do it in this section.
  • Recurring Meeting. If you want the ID to be the same in all meetings.
  • Video. You can configure the video of the participants who manage to join a meeting by Zoom and the host.

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  • Audio. You select the source of the participants’ audio, either from the team, by phone or through third parties.
  • Options. In this section you can select whether the meeting will require password, and if you want to add the meeting to the public calendar. You can also access the advanced options.
  • Calendar. From here you can select the calendar in which the meeting will be reflected, in Google, Outlook or some other.

As we mentioned before, you only have to press “Schedule” when you have indicated all these details. If it is your taste access advanced optionsFrom there you can configure details such as silencing the participants, recording the scheduled meeting, alternative hosts that can take care of the meeting in case of a failure, among other very important aspects.

As you can see, knowing how to download Zoom opens a great door to many incredible possibilities. This video calling app is certainly beneficial for anyone, and we highly recommend using it. We hope that all this help can be of great benefit to you, and that you achieve schedule all meetings by videoconference you need with the help of Zoom.

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