How to Schedule Spotify to Shut Down Automatically at Sleep? (Example)

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One of the most important things today for users of technology, it is the immediacy and comfort. This is why with every problem there are always applications to solve them. There are many applications to download music or listen to them online and Spotify brings these two together and more. Now you can, schedule Spotify to turn off automatically.

In order to make the most of your Spotify account, we recommend that you look for and read the best tricks and secrets of this music app.

What is Spotify?

Although you should have at least heard of him by now, it is worth knowing something extra about where your favorite applications of the moment come from. Spotify is a music service that works through a connection to the server or the internet. Besides, also you can listen podcast and watch videos, of which, it offers you a great library.

It is available for many devices and operating systems, including smart computers, tablets, and speakers. It is intuitive and based on your tastes, it makes suggestions so that you can meet new artists.

One of the characteristics that have made it the music application of choice (even with similar and free options) is the community it has created. In this, once registered, you can create your playlists and share them through other social networks.

In addition to being able to configure Spotify before going to sleep, it also improves your experience using this application by disabling automatic playback to save data.

Spotify free

Choosing what type of account you want is one of the first steps to register in the application. Clearly, there will be certain restrictions when using the free version but the range of artists that you can listen to is not one of them and all in a completely legal way.

If you are a new user, you can download this version and go testing, although you will surely love her in the end.

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Among the limitations that this version has, you will find the advertising. It can be a bit annoying, since you cannot jump after certain seconds and it comes out with certain frequency.

Also, it is not possible to select a specific song, you must play a list and from there wait for your song to arrive. Finally, there is a limited number of song skips that are renewed every day.

Spotify Premium

His payment fee is monthlyHowever, there are none of the limitations of the previous version. One of the great advantages of this is that you can save playlists both on the computer and on the phone and listen to them when you do not have an internet connection. Something super useful if you plan to travel abroad.

Keep in mind that, after thirty days, you will have to connect to a network for Spotify to verify your payment and you can continue using this service.

Despite these differences, the good thing is that several of the basic features can also be used in both versions, such as the one creation of the lists, share information and be able to schedule Spotify to turn off automatically.

Learn to program Spotify to turn off automatically

The new update that everyone has been talking about will help you avoid waking up only to stop the songs because you didn’t notice and the phone was left on.

Also, many like it and it even helps them fall asleep with music on, and if you have a song that you like a lot you can repeat the same song several times but after a while it can get annoying. Therefore, with these simple steps you can program Spotify to turn off automatically.

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The function as such is not new, in fact, it is based on televisions and their timer or sleep timer which focuses on not worrying about turning off the appliance after a certain period of time established previously by the user.

  • In the player interface, go to the option of the three dots in the upper right part of the screen. You can see the option of “Timer” clearly or sliding down a bit.
  • In it, the times available for stopping the audio will appear, ranging from 5 minutes an hour. It works like a countdown once you have selected the song you want to start with.

The good thing about being able to schedule Spotify to turn off automatically when sleeping it saves the battery, since, although the application will remain open, you can directly leave the phone locked.

Just as you can program Spotify to be the last thing you listen to before sleeping, you can also program it to be the first thing you listen to in the morning, and this can be done by setting the Android alarm clock with Spotify music.

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