How to Search an Image by Color in Google Images – Easy and Fast

Searching for images using the Google section for this purpose is really easy. However, it is very common that the results are not exactly what you had in mind. Therefore, today we will tell you how you can search an image by color in Google Images easily and quickly. And we don’t just talk about color, we will also leave you other tricks that you could take advantage of. Keep reading!

How to search an image by color in Google Images

Google has it all. This company has revolutionized the way we search, we store and share information; be it documents, photos or any other type of file. Part of its success is that its interface is very user-friendly, which makes it very easy to use.

In its mission to make your life easier, Google Images allows you to use different ‘filters’ or ‘tools’ when searching for an image on Google, so that your search is more specific. This way you won’t have to spend so much time scrolling through the results to find what you are looking for.

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One of these tools is the Google Images color filter. This is a very useful option if you need find an image of a particular color, but it is not its only purpose. It also allows you to search for images in black and white, in full color, or with transparencies.

search an image by colors in google

Using this filter is really easy. And even doing an advanced image search is a breeze. You just have to follow the steps that we will show you below, and you will see how you become an expert in efficient image search.

From your computer

  • Open the Google browser.
  • Perform your search as you normally would. That is, placing one or more keywords in the Google Images search bar. To do a practical experiment, you could search, for example, for the word ‘flowers’.
  • When the results appear, immediately below the search bar are several options. The last button on the right says ‘Tools’. Click on it and more options will be displayed.
  • Look for the ‘Color’ option and click on the arrow to display a small menu that will allow you to choose a particular color, search in black and white or with transparencies. If you choose, for example, the color red, your search will change to one in which only red flowers appear.

From your mobile or tablet

If you want to do this search from your mobile or your tablet, the steps to follow are the same, but with a small difference. In this case, the ‘Tools’ button will not appear, but immediately you will see the option ‘Color’ with its drop-down menu for you to choose your preferences.

Other tricks to search Google Images

The color filter is not the only one you can use to make life easier when it comes to finding images on Google. Here we will leave you a small summary of the best tricks so that you never spend hours looking for images again.

use google images search color
  • Filter images by their dimensions. This is very useful if you are looking for good quality images or of a specific size. Google lets you choose between large, medium, and icon images (which would be the smallest images).
  • Filter images by file type. This allows you to choose between GIF, line drawing, and clip art to narrow down your search.
  • Do a reverse search on Google Images. If you already have the image and want to search for similar ones, you just have to use the camera in the Google Images search bar and enter the URL or upload the image from your files.
  • Run an advanced search. This you will achieve, adding operators like ‘site:’ and ‘-‘ (minus) to your search.

We hope that now search an image by color in Google Images be a very simple task. Take advantage of all the tools and tricks that this wonderful platform offers you to make a more efficient search, and do not stop publishing photos to Google Images so that others can use them.

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