How to Search and View Animated GIFs in Google Images? – Easy and Fast (Example)

GIFs are an extremely important part of today’s world, as they are used by most companies in their massive advertising campaigns. Whether through banners or simple images, this format is everywhere. That’s why today you will see how to find and view animated GIFs in Google images.

Because, although many do not like them because of their repeated use in advertisements, it must be admitted that these types of animated images are very creative and sometimes even allow us to laugh for a while at any nonsense that someone has come up with. That is why it is never too much to obtain information about them.

What is a GIF?

If you want to start the process of search and view animated GIFs in Google images, you should first know that they are really the same.

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They are mainly a graphic format of images or animations, which are intended to attract the attention of users who see them. They usually last a few seconds and are constantly repeated without stopping.

These are used today, in banners and other advertising methods to advertise specific promotions or brands. They are accepted in the majority of web pages today and are supported by all the browsers that exist.

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They became popular since 2012, and since then they have spread to all parts of the world, so there are millions of creators or designers of GIFS in the world, as well as users of the same (there are even those who dare to put a GIF wallpaper). They are very easy to do, there are even free internet pages where you can design and download your own GIF.

Search and view animated GIFs in Google images

Now that you know what short animations of this type are, it is time for you to learn how to find and display animated GIFs in Google images. Actually it is extremely simple, you just have to go to your Chrome browser, and go to the section of «Images”.

While there you have two options: the first is to directly search for an image with the word GIF at the beginning or end (you can also place just GIF). With this you will immediately get thousands of results for the requested feature in the desired format. You will be able to identify them because it has a white circle in the lower left corner, with the letters GIF inside written in black.

The second option is using the tool called «Guy”Above your results. When selecting this, a drop-down will open where you can choose the category «Animated”, Those are the GIFS.

View GIFs from Google images

If you did the previous steps correctly, then you should already have the GIFS on the screen, however these will be static images, until you select them directly (when you click them, they will open in a larger window and move).

Now, to get them to be seen moving immediately without clicking them, you must download an extension called GoogleGIFs. This you can get it on the web easily (it’s free).

Once you download it, install it as you do with any extension. After just go back to looking for the images with GIF in your search engine and you will notice that they all move without the need for you to do anything (you can even accelerate the speed of an animated gif online if you wish).

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And voila, now you can say that you knows how to find and display animated GIFs in Google images. How you could notice the process is very simple so it should not take you long.

Remember, that you can also visit pages like GIPHY, which have inside them a lot of GIFs ordered by categories and genres, which have been made by novices and professionals (their quality is great).

There you can also create Gifs with 3D animated texts online, in order to advertise whatever you want with this great format. And, you can even make my own GIFs with videos and photos on iPhone, iPod, and even Android, so you have no excuse to miss this move.

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