How to search for files in Mega?

Mega has been launched a long time ago but in its ranks there are more than millions of files stored. The numbers are increasing every day, but so is the need to have a search engine that allows you to easily find files on Mega.

From this need arises Mega Search (the MEGA file browser), a search engine that touches the limits of legality but that is presented as the first of many. Claims for copyright seem to be lower than expected, although looking at the results of this search engine, I come to the conclusion that not everything that contains files commonly known as «pirates» is being reported.

Mega Search

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This search engine returns somewhat limited results but it is normal, Mega encrypts the files and it is up to the users to include them or not in the search engine, reporting links to the files they have uploaded. Among the results we find content similar to what was on Megaupload (either because it really is a necessity or because of the rebellion of those who were against the closing of the original site). In this way, this type of search engine puts the owners of Mega on the ropes by sharing the links openly and showing what is hidden inside Mega.

Unfortunately, Mega Search (MEGA’s file search engine) has been blocked and removed, but here are two alternatives that still work today.

If you want to search for files within mega, try MegaFindr, a search engine for music, movies, series, programs, and much more. Another of the search engines that is still active in the middle of 2021 is this other one.

If you are wondering how to search in Mega you should know that it is not difficult, but the network has gotten much worse since copyright infringements have begun to be prosecuted and that will help prevent the work of others from being pirated.


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