How to Search Google from the Gboard Keyboard Easily? (Example)

Know how to do a Google search from Gboard allows greater ease in the location of certain functions or attributes inside the tool. Its main objective is to provide practical supports for users.

It is very important to note that this keyboard goes much further than the original models, since it is linked to other functions. In fact, it can be related in certain conversations, including everything from emoticons to text editing systems.

All this without the need to be related to other Apps or search engines powered by Google. It is installed in most phones today, due to its practicality operational.

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Another advantage it has is that you have the possibility to install the Gboard keyboard on your Android phone and in this way take advantage of all its benefits from your mobile.

Step-by-step guide to doing a Google search from Gboard

It is very important to determine that to do a Google search from Gboard it depends on the type of phone, in the case of being an Android device the following will be done:

Install the application on your computer

The first step to execute is the download of the application called “Gboard”In app stores like Play Store. Once the process is finished, we will proceed to enter the App from the phone and run on the phone.

Enable option

Then open any writeable tools like Gmail or Google Keep to test the effectiveness of the software. Now, you will proceed to enter the area where you want to enter the text. East must show an icon allusive to the brand in the left area of ​​the screen, which when pressed will display the search engine at the time.

gboard app

Use the option on the keyboard

To use the tool, the ideal is to open the keyboard, press the icon on the screen and display the text box where you will proceed to search.

Locate in the upper area of ​​the keyboard, press in the section of «To open» within the options in the tools menu. After this, select the button again. «Functions» and choose the magnifying glass to search again.

Immediately, the selection will show a bar to place what you want to search for, after having entered the command, click on the search magnifying glass again. In the lower area, the result will be displayed and next to it will be the button of «Share». In case of working with Android Oreo equipment, it is very possible that applications of this type do not work because they are not compatible with the app.

Why use a Gboard keyboard?

One of the main reasons to use a Gboard keyboard is that allows you to do several activities at the same time. In addition, all functions are quickly available in the same panel.

One of its best adaptations is that you can search the internet using the keyboard. This feature allows users to share information directly, among other tasks.

If you use the Gboard keyboard from your Android phone, don’t forget to enable the clipboard property, and thus be able to move content from one application to another quickly.

These are its most important characteristics

Like any other program, knowing how to do a Google search from Gboard is very beneficial, but it has other features such as:

dynamism conversations

  • It is one of the best options on the market, since it has speed and reliability values ​​to increase user comfort.
  • Knowing all the steps to do a Google search from Gboard allows make the conversation more dynamic and fun.
  • It has a system to write faster by sliding your finger through the letters that make up a word. This is a relatively good modality and one that has had a pleasant acceptance in the market.
  • The user can select the type of font or figure to be placed between capital letters, bold, emojis of any type or italics.
  • To the surprise of many users, the Gboard keyboard offers the ability to send GIF to increase reactions or liven up consumer messages.
  • Change and add another language to the keyboard.
  • Has multilingual writing, as most people speak or mix two languages ​​while having a conversation.

In addition to all that, the Gboard keyboard allows you to customize it by placing the image you like the most as a wallpaper.

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