How to Search High Resolution Full HD Images on Google for Free – Easy and Fast (Example)

If you are an internet image search engine, you will be interested How to Google Free Full HD High Resolution Images. It really is frustrating to spend long hours and not find anything of good quality. As always, we will explain it to you in simple steps.

Normal search with Google

  1. We will do a review of a normal search. We open the Google Chrome browser.
  2. We place in the field of search the keywords to find the image.
  3. We click on the magnifying glass or on the «enter» key.
  4. When it gives us the results, we activate the «images» tab. And we will see many images of different resolution.
  5. Then we click on the «Tools» button. The filter menu will be activated. We touch the little arrow of «Size».
  6. Several options will appear, and we used to click on «Greater than» and we selected the resolution we need.

Advanced search with Google

Up to this point we were fine. Because currently when you press «Size» you only see 4 options. Well, we will show you how with Google Chrome itself, we can search for free Full HD high resolution images. First repeat steps 1 – 2 – 3 – 4.

  • At this point we activate the button «Settings» or in other cases «Setting» or «Preferences». It’s the button next to «Tools.»
  • It will display several alternatives. We will choose «Advanced search».
  • We will enter a window that will give us the opportunity to use the alternatives that had disappeared.
  • We look for the title «Image size». We press the little arrow that will display multiple options, both the resolution of the photo and the Megapixel. And we click on the button «Advanced search». We will begin to see that Google presents us with a series of images with high resolution. In which we save and download the image.

Find quality images

Despite this method, although the browser will display quality photos, we will find one or more images that do not meet the requirements. How can we identify a quality image? One way is by learning to calculate resolutions. Another is, if you are a demanding user, you will like this tip, we have already tried it and it has worked for us.

  • When you see the results, you click on the image of your interest.
  • On the right hand side is usually open a dark window with the image, detailing its origin and resolution in pixels.
  • If you notice that the image indicates a higher resolution, but in the display the photo is framed in a small box, it is very likely that it is of low quality. We tested it by going to the origin of the photograph and we found that although it looks large, it does not have good resolution.
  • The trick is in that when you select the photograph, look at the dark display right. If you notice that the image is wide, that it leaves almost no margin in the viewer, then we have come across a high resolution one.

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What if the image you want in the viewer looks small and you don’t want to look for another one because you like that photo. Well, here is a trick, it does not always work, but in the probabilities of the attempt that we have made, 70% has worked for us, pay attention:

  • The image is in the dark viewer on your right. With the mouse (with the left or main button) drag the image to the search field. At the moment of dragging you will notice that a space is activated that says: «Drag the image here». There you will drop the image.
  • You will find the image of your preference in a small box. And next to it you click on the option «All sizes».
  • That same photo will be reflected multiple times with different resolutions.
  • You just have to select any one. When the dark display comes out, see which image is enlarged or enlarged. And you will notice that you can get your photo with excellent resolution.
continue searching for images in google

It is also possible download all images from a website in Chrome. As you can see, we have equipped you with many tips, we hope you can put it into practice. And enjoy good quality images in the shortest time possible, using the same Google browser for free.

There is also the ability to perform more specific searches per pixel. If you know of another modality, tell us.

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