How to Send and read WhatsApp Messages with the Google Assistant?

The communication capacity that we currently have is amazing, since the arrival of the internet, communication has been much broader. Connecting all people in a way never seen before.

Currently we can communicate in real time with people who are on the other side of the world, in a fast, efficient and simple way. This thanks to the fact that tools have been created with which we can access the web in an increasingly practical way.

Such is the case of mobile devices, they have evolved throughout history to become an indispensable tool for our lives. With them we can always keep in touch with the world around us.

How to send and read WhatsApp messages with the Google assistant?

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Whatsapp message google assistant

Applications have been designed that are installed on our mobile devices, each of them to perform specific tasks. For example, instant messaging applications, where we can send and receive messages in real time.

Nowadays, the use that is given to these applications is impressive and as time passes we use them more frequently. Applications such as WhatsApp, which currently has more than 2,000 million users around the world, becoming one of the most used platforms.

On the other hand, we find digital platforms Like web search engines, they allow us to navigate the web efficiently and safely. One of the most used browsers today is Google, it is estimated that most of the searches carried out on the internet are through this platform.

Google is a company that has been characterized by always being at the forefront of innovation, always offering tools to make things easier for us.

Such is the case of the Google Assistant, a virtual assistant that works with artificial intelligence. The one that helps us do the things we do with our devices in a much easier way. Here we explain how this wizard works.

This Google function is used mostly on mobile devices, which is used to perform specific actions through voice commands. For example, send or read WhatsApp messages, which will be explained in this article.

How to activate the Google Assistant?

Before using the Google assistant to send or receive WhatsApp messages, it is essential to activate this function on our device. If we are doing it from our Android phone, it must have several features.

It is essential that our Android has a version of Android greater than 5.0, so also installed the Google tool. Must have at least one 1 GB memory and Google Play service. Here you can find out what version your Android has

To activate the Google assistant we must go to the tool settings on our device and choose the option «Languages ​​and input». Once we enter we select virtual keyboard, then in «Manage keyboards and activate Google Voice Typing».

Finally, after adding voice dictation, we enter it and enable all the options found there. We only have to configure the Google assistant and click on To accept until finished.

Steps to send and read WhatsApp messages with the Google assistant

Already having Google assistant enabled, we can send a WhatsApp to the contact we want. For this we just have to say «Ok Google», the assistant will listen, now we say «Send a message to», followed by the name of the contact we want to send the message to.

The WhatsApp application will automatically open, the wizard will ask us to say the message we want to send and we say it. Then we have to pronounce «Send» and the message will be sent.

Send and read WhatsApp messages with the Google assistant

Similarly, to read WhatsApp messages we just have to say Ok Google read my messages, this option will work as long as the messages are in notifications. If we do it correctly, the Google assistant will begin to read the messages aloud.

It is important to note that the Google company strives every day, in order to offer a quality service. But the WhatsApp application is not far behind, as it allows us to perform a variety of activities, ranging from uploading statuses to recording calls, among other actions.

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