How to Send and Receive Money Through PayPal Without Paying Commission

One of the benefits of platforms like PayPal, is the fact of receiving unlimited funds from other people, regardless of where they are.

However, when sending money, it is important that you know that the platform, like many in the world, charges you a commission, which will be deducted from the money you send. And even Paypal allows you to pay without having a credit card.

Although the commission is not as high as we believe, it in one way or another could affect us, for which various people have chosen to locate different forms or methods, with which they can send or receive money through the platform, without the Need to to pay said commissions; and that is precisely what brings us together in this post.

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Conditions regarding the sending of money

One of the things that many do not know is the fact that if you send money to your friends or family, there is no type of commission which is applied to said transaction, as long as the balance you use is direct from a bank account in which they are linked as family members.

In order to make this selection, you just have to log in to PayPal and enter the «Send money«, and then locate yourself on the tab of»Personal«.

In which you will see that you have the possibility of sending your payment, as if it were a gift, or failing that, a personal payment that is otherwise seen as household expenses.

Once this is selected, you must enter the email address to which the recipient corresponds and likewise, enter the amount you want to send and then click on «Continue».

What happens when you receive the money?

Once the person has done the money sentYou will see that in your email or mobile phone, you will receive a notification in which they will tell you that you have received money and the amount will be specified.

Within it, you will see that important data such as the total amount, address, time and date of the transaction in case you want to have control of the money deposits in your account.

If you follow the previous method you will see that the total amount will not be debited for the commission that the application charges in the usual way, but on the contrary you will receive the complete transfer.

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Did you know that within Europe you can send money without commission?

As you have read before, the commissions of PayPal, In general, they are not high, but it can greatly affect entering the platform in the usual way. But this from time to time does not apply depending on the place or the way in which you send it, as you will have noticed at the beginning.

Another method that you can put into practice to avoid charging this commission, is only possible if you are within the European Union, but nevertheless, it is effective in all its senses.

The main way for this is making the payment as if it were a personal payment, but nevertheless, the balance that can be used for this, must be the one that is available within the platform and not from a credit card or due.

The latter because if we use the credit card, the platform will proceed to charge the corresponding commission for the transfer made.

In order to do this, you must enter the «Send«And then enter the section of»personal”; Once there, you must proceed to enter the email, to which you will send the funds and likewise and the amount of money.

After completing these steps, you must click on the Continue button, in order to proceed to review the data and click on the «Send”.

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