How to Send and Receive SMS Text Messages from PC or Android with MightyText

Being forced to use a computer and a cell phone at the same time can be annoying for many. That is why application developers have been working to move their platforms.

In this way, they create complete and versatile tools for their entire user community. To know how to send and receive SMS text messages from PC or Android with MightyText it’s part of it.

Dare to know this introverted but interesting application that could significantly facilitate the task of communicate via SMS. Only then can you forget, at least momentarily, the mobile device and concentrate your efforts on the computer.

What is MightyText?

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Before sending and receiving SMS text messages, it is important get to know MightyText a little. The application, surely, will not be too well known. As you know, it is quite difficult for a messaging application to gain ground in such a difficult field. Above all, having opponents such as WhatsApp or Telegram, to name a few.

However, MightyTExt has established itself as a very interesting option for communication via SMS. Who has not happened!? You are calmly watching series or movies on your computer. When all of a sudden … you need to fix Netflix error code UI-113. But your phone is too far!

How to contact someone who can help you quickly and effectively? That’s where MightyText comes to the rescue. This tool is presented as an application and as a web service. It not only has the potential to send messages, but also to make phone calls. So that, the link between phone and computer is incredible.

pc mightytext program

A little deeper look

MightyText has a fairly simple and dynamic interface. So it doesn’t take much for users to learn how to use it. The setup process it is very intuitive, so you only have to grant the required permissions. Of course, if you download it on an Android device, for example, it will ask you to link to your Google account.

The text messages or SMS that you send through this application, it should be noted, are not free. The rate established by the operator that you have contracted for your mobile device will be charged.

What yes It is free to download, install and enjoy the application. This application is only available for Android. Once you have granted the permissions for access to your Google account, it will be a matter of starting to use it.

Advantages of using MightyText

It gives the feeling that these types of applications have not obtained the merit they require. As mentioned above, sometimes you have too much concentration on what the computer is doing.

Sometimes you can use Sticky Notes productively, using them to store information of interest. Information that, of course, you will want later send someone via text message.

It can also happen that, constantly, you need to activate and deactivate the concentration assistant in Windows 10. Everything simply to send an SMS. Stop paying attention to what you do on your computer and do things in a simpler way!

How to send and receive messages with MightyText?

As mentioned above, the linking and synchronization procedure of this application is very simple. You simply must download the application, install it and log in with your Google account.

From here the synchronization is automatic. All you have to do is start sending text messages (SMS) to all the people you want. Sending and receiving SMS text messages by MightyText is a true lifesaver. Especially when it is not known why my PC does not recognize my cell phone in Windows 10.

mightytext program interface

What are you waiting to use MightyText?

Next to applications like Line, Telegram and WhatsApp, This alternative is not too flashy. However, despite fulfilling quite basic functions, it is a very interesting bet.

If you want to make sure you have communication with anyone else and read information instantly that can arrive via SMS, don’t hesitate! Use MightyText to manage all your messages easily and efficiently.

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