How to Send Empty or Blank Message by WhatsApp Easily (Example)

The WhatsApp application constantly has new updates and news. Millions of people use this application to communicate with their family or friends. Despite the fact that WhatsApp has been in the market for years, there are many tricks that its users do not know. One of them is send empty or blank message by WhatsApp easily.

Every day there are many users who use WhatsApp Messenger and want to know new actions to perform in this application, as well as solve different problems. Before we will show you how this application has entered this era of technology and how useful this instant messaging has become. in the lives of many people.

WhatsApp a very useful application!


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WhatsApp was created in 2009 by the Ukrainian Jan Koum, who worked at Apple and Adobe companies. He was director of operations and security at Yahoo and Brian Acton’s team leader of engineers.

In February 2014, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, bought the WhatsApp application for an amount of 19,000 million dollars, with the aim of expanding the number of Facebook users.

WhatsApp is a very useful and practical application, thanks to it millions of people around the world can communicate for free. Through this application you can send messages either in writing or by audio, photos, videos, send Word documents, PDF and make calls or video calls.

At the beginning of this year, WhatsApp became the leader in instant messaging. This application is so widely used by people around the world that its number of users exceeds that of other applications such as Facebook, Instagram or Telegram. It currently has about 2 billion users.

How to send empty or blank message by WhatsApp easily

messages by whatsapp

Currently, it has become very popular to send empty or blank messages on WhatsApp. Many do it to know when someone connects on WhatsApp or to play a simple joke on a friend.

However, sending an empty or blank message by WhatsApp directly with just pressing send cannot be done, because the send button is not activated unless you type some character. To do this, perform the following steps detailed below:

  • First, download this totally free application Blank Message and you can do it from your Play Store.
  • Once you’ve downloaded it to your phone, proceed to open it.
  • A screen will appear, there you must select the number of rows that your message will have empty or blank.
  • Once this is done, you must press Send.
  • WhatsApp will immediately open. Now you must select the group or person to whom you will send the empty or blank message.
  • Then, click on the arrow to send the message.
  • Doing so will open the chat of the person or group and at the bottom the send button will be enabled. Now you just have to press it.
  • Ready! The message will be sent empty or blank. Of course, the recipient will receive a completely blank message.

Once the empty message has been sent, you can copy and forward it to other contacts without having to use the application again, so if you wish you can delete it. Of course, this application can also be used in other apps that are similar to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or Telegram.


In conclusion, to send an empty or blank message on WhatsApp, you must download the Blank Message application, and you can do this for free in your Play Store. Once this is done, follow the steps we describe in this article.

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