How to Send Files between Android Phones over WiFi with Fast File Transfer (Example)

Currently file transfers are very common and are part of the needs of users. Due to the great demand, more than a thousand tools with cordless functions great.

A well-known example is Bluetooth, but it is a way out because its transfer speed is very bad. To solve this, the transfers via WiFi were created, with only the only condition of being under connection.

An excellent application that will facilitate transfers via WiFi is Fast File Transfer. This incredible alternative has efficient options that allow file transfers of any size from an Android mobile.

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Would you like to know a little more about her? Then keep reading as we will show you the incredible benefits that Fast File Transfer can offer you.

Fast File Transfer

Fast File Transfer is an application that you can easily find on Google Play. Its amazing transfer method is based on use the WiFi network. Surely you already know that today many Android phones can create their own WiFi network using a data connection.

data file transfer service

Implementing this function Fast File Transfer allows you transfer files smoothly and at a very good speed. To help you understand the subject a little more, we will show you a brief summary about wireless network transfers

Transfer in wireless networks

The wireless network is a characteristic structure or pattern that allows the transmission of information by establishing communication using electromagnetic signals without having a physical connection. Devices act as ports even if they are at a distance.

Properly configured wireless networks can establish connections to computers and equipment without using cables. It is currently known as the best way to save on infrastructure and offers greater comfort to its users.

How to use Fast File Transfer?

To use Fast File Transfer correctly, you should not be an expert, as it is a truly simple app. The first thing you should do is download and install the application on your mobile.

use app fast file transfer share files

  • Then, as a second step, you will open it and the app will direct you directly to the option where you will establish a name and password.
  • As a next step, the app will show you the instructions for use.
  • From there you just have to find the file you want to share and select the Fast File Transfer option.
  • The app will automatically create a network and the only thing the receiver has to do is connect to your WiFi network and it will start receiving the file.

Benefits of using Fast File Transfer

Its method of use is so simple that you will love to use it every day. Next we will show you the incredible benefits you can get using this great app.

  • It has a super shipping speed. With Fast File Transfer you can transfer 1GB in 5 minutes, no joke would you achieve that result using Bluetooth.
  • File transfer is clear. You will not have those hidden requirements that many transfer apps have, thus ensuring a safe and completely simple transfer.
  • The receiver does not need to have the app downloaded. This is a great aspect, as many transfer apps require you to both teams have the app to make the transfer, otherwise the transfer will not be possible.
  • The receiver can be any mobile. This means that if the receiver does not have Android it will not be inconvenient, because with only power connect to a WiFi network You can receive the files you want to send from Fast File Transfer.
  • The system does «tethering» and your mobile data will not be affected. At the time of the transfer, the receiver will be connected but it will not consume your mobile data, so your pocket will be insured. Incredible right?

As you have seen, Fast File Transfer is an app created with ingenuity that it will benefit you to the maximum. Not only does it offer you all the benefits you noticed, it is also light and with a «chic» design that you will surely like. And now that you know its specifications, will you dare to use this app?

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