How to Send Files from my Android Mobile to my PC – Step by Step Guide

In today’s world, as we know it, we know that we are connected by different networks and that also countless devices have been created that allow us to get closer more comfortably, being in any place or time.

Thanks to these tools that move the digital world, it has been possible to accumulate a large number of pertinent information that we usually use and that varies from the type of person the data that wants to protect there.

Therefore, every time we are demanding these devices with greater storage capacity, so that it is easier to have all the information we need well protected. Although sometimes we are forced to transfer files or data from a mobile technological device to a laptop or desktop computer.

Here we will explain clearly how you should do to transfer folders with data from your cell phone to a pc effectively and safely with great speed.

usb cable for computers

How the file transfer works through my Google account

The tech industry giant, Google; makes its users able to access their information stored in their accounts. This works for people who have a Gmail account; where the Google system gives them a cloud ‘storage capacity’ where they can record all the information and data of interest with their email; for example, contacts, videos, photos, among other files.

Currently This storage system is called Drive, where each account that is created has up to 15Gb to store. Now, to transfer this data is very simple; You only need to open your Gmail account on a computer or other mobile device and everything you have saved will be automatically synchronized.

Another way to share information from Google is that you go to the cloud, select the file or files to send; then you give in the option that says ‘share with’, there you choose the means by which you are going to send and finally you only send and that’s it; you can safely transfer informationIt also applies to social networks, instant messaging and email.

Methods to link my cell phone to my computer

By connecting a USB cable from the computer to the phone, you can easily see what information is accumulated on the mobile. Just by keeping them connected you can have access to everything that is stored in it. Another option is through a bluetooh connection or by email.

Likewise, it is also possible to transfer this data from one side to the other, that is, from the computer to the mobile or vice versa, even if your phone has stopped turning on. U.S we will show you how to do this transfer.

By USB cable

To connect your cell phone to a computer you need to use a universal serial Bas (USB) cable, so that you can insert it into one of the input ports of the computer.

When you get the connector, you must look for the port to install it There, you connect it and a window will automatically appear on your computer that tells you that there is a new device connected. Another option is to do it using a simple and wireless app

After having correctly connected the mobile to the pc, a window should appear where information will appear regarding your cell phone name, type of connection and ‘connected as a bluetooth or USB device’.


First you need to activate the Bluetooth signal of each of the devices (computer and phone), then you must pair or link them; that is, they are connected and recognize each other. Then search your pc where the file explorer is so you can transfer mobile data.

Once you have entered the file explorer tab; being here inside you need to search for the device name or bluetooth contact; so that through this you can explore all the information you have stored and share, delete or include.

mobile connected by usb to a laptop

Official mobile application

Each cell phone brings an official application that you must download in order to transfer simple information such as photos and videos from the mobile to the computer. The main thing is to have the App already installed on the pc and connect a USB cable to both devices and that’s it.

Depending on what brand your cell phone is, it is the App that you must download; here is the corresponding list: SideSync for Samsung; Xperia Companion for Sony; HiSuite for Huawei and; LG PC Suite for LG; all of them compatible with Windows and Mac systems. Now, it is necessary to mention: My PC Suite for Xiaomi and; ASUS PC Link for ASUS; these only available with Windows.

What option to choose when connecting my mobile by cable to my PC?

When you connect the USB cable from the pc to the mobile, your phone will have some options or even none. Then you go to the notification bar and press where it comes out ‘connected to computer’; After this, a menu will appear that gives you the options to connect the device and share information.

File transfer

This is the first option and the most common or recommended to use; you have fast, effective and sufficient access to be able to transfer files more easily. You can also create new folders on your pc and they will be registered on the Android and thus other multiple simple functions.

You need to connect the USB cable to the pc; You give the option to transfer files and there it is time to choose the documents that need to be transferred. Then you enter the files of your cell phone (from the computer) and you go exploring until you find the folder where you saved the data to export.

It can be added that it’s optional create a new folder to have faster access to the documents you are going to share, or also already have it done from the phone.

Finally it is time to send the data from your mobile device to the computer, to execute this last action you select the folders or files to import with the left mouse button, then click right click to display the menu.

This menu offers you multiple options, you look for the one that says ‘send to’, there you will get more options and you must choose where you are going to send. You select from desktop, documents, drive backing or whatever you consider adaptable for you.

Once defined which will be the final recipient (of the folders on the PC), click on it and it will automatically transfer the compiled information, being 100% reliable and safe.

Android documents


Generally this function is used to connect musical instruments and others that have a similar function, such as headphones, for example. Its acronym is in English and it means ‘digital interface of musical instruments’; To activate this function, the USB cable must have this port or, failing that, activate the function on your mobile device.


In this case, this option only and exclusively allows you to send images or photographs, you cannot share any other kind of file other than that in PNG or JPEG format. The Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) for its acronym in English; streamlines users’ work and immediately gives them access to their photos or galleries for quick sharing.

Do not transfer data

As a last option you can choose not to transfer data; That is, you will not view or have any means to be able to send or receive information from the mobile to the pc or vice versa, the only thing your mobile will do is charge just using the USB cable.

What to do if my computer does not recognize my mobile after connecting it?

When you plug your mobile phone into the computer using a USB cable, it may not recognize it; This is a problem that can be presented to many people and they do not know what to do to solve it. We will give you a series of recommendations that can help you solve the problem.

  1. Check if the USB cable is broken or in bad condition
  2. Try connecting the phone with multiple cables
  3. Verify that it works the computer’s USB port correctly
  4. Insert a pendrive to see if it reads it
  5. Configure the hardware
  6. See if the phone shows that it is charging
  7. Contact a technician to have your pc checked

transfer files to pc

Alternative applications or programs to connect my Android with the PC


This is an application that allows users to control their Android devices from the PC; where it may be near or even far out of reach to handle. In order to apply this option; The first thing to keep in mind is that the app must be on both devices; or to save space on your computer, just access its official site ( and enter with the same user in both parts.

By accessing and having the account open both on the PC and on the mobile, you can control your Android from the desktop client; since it is the best option because you have complete freedom to control and monitor all applications, functions and other aspects that your Smartphone has.


You may also be able to control your mobile device from your computer with this app; easy to use and free. Its usability and functionality characteristics are similar to those of AirDroid; Nevertheless, you can manage any type of file, share it, send it, modify it and more; additionally it is possible that you can take calls and manipulate the applications and information of the Android.

What is File Explorer?

It is a tool that it comes installed in the computers that use any Windows system and that allows you to view all the files, documents and other information stored on your computer.

Also, it is a very good function because allows you to organize everything that you are adding there and separating at the same time by folders and divisions depending on its origin or what type of file it is.

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