How to Send Free Anonymous SMS From Internet Easily and Safely

The beginning of our era has brought with it the boom in technology resulting in a better quality of life. Thanks to computer advances, it is possible to communicate through messages and chat in real time with our family and friends. And although it is now something we take for granted, many times something as good as this has its downsides.

In a world full of information and the means to provide it, there are people dedicated to filtering into those that are private. This is a problem if information that is considered important is leaked to the network and it is not known how to keep it safe. There are several alternatives to maintain anonymous information that we ship, the following article will show you what they are.

Is it possible to send an anonymous SMS from my cell phone? – How to do it?

Many users do not know the correct way to send any type of information anonymously. This is a great tool to be able to share any message without anyone having to know your identity, providing you with security. To do this you will only have to know the use of each of the pages.

What are the best pages to send anonymous SMS from the internet?

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Although it seems a complicated procedure, you will see that thanks to the following step by step you can easily send an anonymous message in Internet.

There are several websites that provide you with this anonymous messaging service. You can even send an anonymous email with an attachment without being tracked. Globfone allows you to send messages to your family and friends anywhere in the world and it’s free. You can download the App from the Play Store or the App Store and even send messages online.

If you want to try Globfone, you will have to do the following steps:

  1. Access the official Globfone page
  2. Click on «SELECT RECIPIENT COUNTRY», so you can select the country that receives the SMS.
  3. Then in the option “TYPE RECIPIENT PHONE NUMBER, you add the receiver number
  4. And finally you press «NEXT» or next.
  5. Once this process is done, a blue box will appear where you can write the text you want, but you should know that you only have 140 characters.
  6. Click on «I’m not a robot» and then click «Next»

At the end of all the steps, you just have to wait for the process bar to appear. It will tell you if the message was sent successfully.

This page will allow us to send any message just by entering it, it presents a very comfortable interface and understandable so that users do not make any mistakes when using it.

Person browsing the web with laptop
To be able to do it, you will only have to follow the steps that this mentions. First you will see a box where you can write the phone number of the person to whom the message is addressed, then you will see a box where you can compose the message of up to 160 characters. At the bottom you will have to add your phone number to finally press the button that says ‘Send’.

In addition, is a page where you can send messages free of charge and anonymously. In these you can register to be able to use it in the most comfortable way.

Now, in order to make your message, you will have to enter the page, then you only have to insert the cell phone number of the person you want to receive the message. On its left an option will appear where you will have to select the language, either English or other languages. In the box write the message of 145 characters to be able to click on the button ‘Send SMS

OpenTextingOnline allows you to send SMS online for free. You can do it from your computer or mobile through its application. OpenTextingOnline is very reliable and has a true international reach. Here are the steps you must follow in order to send an anonymous SMS.

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Select the receiving country
  3. Add phone number
  4. You can receive the answer by email, for them you must enter your email address
  5. Write your SMS
  6. Send your SMS or MMS, you can even send both
  7. Wait for the response of your SMS
  8. Interact with everything or whatever you want by SMS

If you want you can investigate more about other websites that offer these free services that are reliable and safe, so you can maintain anonymity and take care of your privacy. On the other hand, we invite you to continue visiting, there you will always find various technology tutorials, which will allow you to solve all your doubts.

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Android and IOS mobile applications to send private messages

There are also applications that allow us to send messages in a private and comfortable way from our cell phone, which can vary for Android and IOS.

Woman typing from laptop

It is true that there are already many applications that allow you to send messages, but it is important to know that certain applications are currently only dedicated to provide better service based on the needs of each user in a completely free way.


It is an application which allows its users see or share real thoughts. In itself it is a real platform that helps people express themselves and share everything they want anonymously.
In it you can find everything from recipes to poetry and the best thing is that no one will know your identity. To use it you will only have to go to the application store and download it.


On the other hand, Bumble is the App that lets people connect in a safe way, to be able to meet new people and make friends, This offers a safe community of users where you can build relationships by kissing in respect.

Yik Yak

The Yik Yak social network It allows you to create a profile to communicate with the rest of the members of the application. To do so, you can select a nickname and upload any photo. In this you can post what you want and receive positive and negative votes. It should be mentioned that this application makes all users free to post what they want anonymously.

How to send anonymous SMS messages with SendSMSNow

SendSMSNow is an anonymous messaging service free online. In order to enjoy the benefits it offers, you must register on its website and create an account. By having the account you will be able to make your contact list and place a profile photo. Among the options that SendSMSNow has, it is sending SMS or bulk text messages to 10 people, but there if it charges a small amount of money.

SendSMSnow Features:

  • Receive reply in SendSMSnow inbox
  • It has the history of sent messages
  • Unlimited text messages to all your contacts
  • Create your SMS profile and add a photo to it
  • «Text Me» button in case you have a website and want to add it
  • And many more functions.

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