How to Send Geolocated Notifications from Mobile with the Goodbarber app

Notifications They are an additional tool of any application that allows to keep anyone informed about the functions of said application. Putting notifications on a computer desktop seems like a thing of yesterday when compared to the benefits of keeping notifications active on mobile.

The mobile is the smart device that is always at the hand of anyone without exception, keeping people connected to the information. In addition, with notifications, applications can report errors to the device such as an installation error or keep reminders about an application to be installed from the wish list.

Or something even more relevant than anyone interested in programming applications, is the sending geolocated notifications from the mobile with the applications created by GoodBarber.

Send geolocated notifications from mobile with the GoodBarber App

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GoodBarber is an app builder for people who have just started in the programming world and consider themselves new to it. It has remained in trend due to its large repertoire of elements that makes programming applications seem like a game for children.

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In its most recent updates it has launched a new notification delivery system which is based on geolocation. In this way, it is expected to reach the user directly in a particular way with fully personalized notifications according to their region and location in real time.

In other words, application developers with GoodBarber will have the alternative of schedule the sending of notifications to all your users depending on where you are.

With the arrival of this update, the new system implemented has brought with it the designation of Geofences Zones. Places marked on a map that will allow application developers with GoodBarber to send notifications to users’ mobile phones based on their movements in certain areas.

This type of notifications vindicates its importance because it will allow users of GoodBarber applications know applications of all types of businesses. Giving scenarios where people end up attending or knowing new places thanks to geolocated notifications through Geofences Zones.

How to send geolocated notifications from mobile with the GoodBarber App?

GoodBarber is currently provided with new functionalities related to geolocated notifications, known as Push notifications. These are presented as the innovation referring to the world of applications in general that gives developers the ability to send notifications from their mobile.

Scheduled Push Notifications

These are activated from the menu, going through the following address: Add On> Catalog> Notifications> Add-On Scheduled Notifications, and then access the Users> GeoPush> Scheduled menu.

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By the name it can be understood that these scheduled push notifications will be those that can be scheduled for decide when to send them and in the given time. A possible example is sending a notification every time a new article is published or an announcement is made.

This functions has several advantages, including the possibility of sending different messages to different groups of users depending on how it is organized. In other words, you can decide which will be the particular recipients, based on their location.

Geofencing Notifications

These notifications are activated from the menu, following the following address: Add-On> Catalog> Notifications> Add-On Geoefencing, and then access the Users> GeoPush> Geofencing menu.

This type of Geofencing notifications They are used as a complement to the previously mentioned Geofences Zones. And as expected, it allows you to interact with users when they are in a certain area, within the Geofences Area.

Under this aspect, there is the possibility of select those zones where you want the notification to be delivered to users. In addition to that, of course, it will be possible to decide when exactly it will be sent.

its main feature What makes this function unique is the possibility of having three delivery options: when the user enters the zone, when he leaves or when he has a certain time within the zone.

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