How to Send Mass Messages by WhatsApp for Free? – Step by step guide

It turns out to be no secret to anyone, that although there are many applications of instant messaging the most used in the world is WhatsApp. Although at first it was only conceived to know the status of its users.

But with its evolution it has implemented other functions, for this reason we want to present the following article that will show you How to send mass messages by WhatsApp for free? Step by step guide.

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This can be done directly to a contact list, although you can also do it using WhatsApp Business API. This together with a program that is responsible for sending mass messages. But we can do it in a simpler way without many complications, without using an external application and through the PC.

Many of the tricks that we can apply through this App, can be very easy to perform, as much or the same as discovering if you were Blocked on WhatsApp. The method we will use to send bulk messages by WhatsApp for free, It is through WhatsApp web and we will also use an integrated function known as the Broadcast List.

How to send bulk messages by WhatsApp for free

Through the distribution list it is possible to send a message to 256 different people at once and in a very fast and easy way. The messages arrive at their destination as a private message, this makes it possible to send any type of notifications, personal messages, commercial, etc.

Of course, before these people can receive these messages, there must be an express authorization to want to receive them. This in order not to breach certain laws, but it will also depend on the country, but in general this is the case in most. But let’s stop talking and see what we need to send mass messages by WhatsApp for free.

The first thing we must do is create a broadcast list from the personal computer, this option is not available on WhatsApp web. So we are going to carry out this operation from the mobile. From Android we will open the application, after we are in the Chat we will go to the icon with the three dots to display the menu options.

There we will choose New broadcastIf we have an iPhone mobile, open the application and from the Chats tab you will select the Diffusion list option. Now the next step is to select the contacts to whom you are going to send the mass message. It is important that you know two things, first these numbers must be saved in your agenda.

And second, the people who will receive your message must have your number saved, if either of these two conditions is not met, the message will not be able to be sent to a specific contact. Also remember that you can add a maximum of 256 contacts. Once you have finished choosing the contacts, click on the Create option.

Sending a mass message from WhatsApp

Ready, you have already created the broadcast list, now you must start your session in WhatsApp web from your PC, when you enter you will find the list you have created. Now the next thing you should do is move on to compose your message and then you should send it in the same way as you would with any other text message.

As you did it in a very easy and simple way and I did not generate additional expenses, it is also important to highlight that the distribution list that you created. From now on it will stay in your Chats list and every time you need to send new messages, you will be able to make use of that list.

As we mentioned before, there are other ways to send mass messages from WhatsApp web. But this requires us to use other tools or applications and is perhaps a bit more complicated for us. But we believe that this form is very practical and what interests us the most is completely free.

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And so we end with this tutorial that will help you in a very simple way to send mass messages by WhatsApp for free. With this guide you can do it in a few minutes using a function well known to everyone in this application.

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