How to Send Massive Mails or Emails in Gmail or Outlook for Free with Mailrelay

If you have a company or business either of goods or services and you want to increase your sales or profits, then The suggestions that we will give you in this post will surely be very helpful. to achieve that goal.

There is no doubt that one of the secrets to succeed in business, is good publicity. Today digital technology allows us to reach thousands of potential clients with our advertising through social networks, text messages, etc.

One of the digital means that has been very effective for entrepreneurs to advertise their business is emails, known by its name in English as email marketing or commercial mail. Sending mass emails Gmail platforms can be difficult if you do not have knowledge of the subject.

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Knowing more about Digital Marketing is beneficial in this information age. Of course, sending commercial emails one by one to a customer list or database is a tedious, ineffective and time-consuming task. This is why ways have been created to send mass mails or emails.

What are mass mails or emails?

It is nothing more than sending a commercial email to several clients or subscribers of a database provided by the contracting company. These emails are sent all at once without having to do it one by one.

Customers or subscribers of that database have to agree that a certain company sends them these emails. Otherwise, you could fall into what is called in this world of marketing as Spam, which is nothing more than sending emails without the consent of the client or subscriber. Which is a criminal offense in many countries.

mailrelay program interface

This is very useful if you want to offer your customers new and innovative products or to keep them abreast of future products or services. This way of advertising is very effective due to the fact that the message reaches the customer directly to their email and not through other means that offer more distraction such as Facebook, for example.

Very effective platforms have been created to carry out the task of sending mass emails. One of them is Mailrelay. This software email marketing or commercial emails It has become very popular for its simplicity of use, as well as its speed and quality.

It can be used by small businesses that need to send a few emails to their subscribers at an acceptable cost, such as by larger companies that send up to millions of emails. It offers free as well as paid shipping plans.

How to use Mailrelay to send bulk emails to Gmail or Outlook for free?

As we said earlier, Mailrelay offers free high-volume mailing plans, up to 75,000 emails per month with shipments for up to 15,000 subscribers. This offers a great advantage for small businesses that are starting out and do not have enough capacity.

Email servers such as Gmail or Outlook have created techniques to detect emails considered spam or unwanted. So it is very important that they are with quality content and volunteer clients, that helps to protect your reputation. There are a wide variety of marketing tools that you can use to send these emails and Mailrelay is certainly one of them.

email servers detect spam emails

To send free mass emails from Mailrelay you must open the main page and subscribe, Correctly fill in the requested data and verify your username through the confirmation email that they will provide you.

Once you enter Mailrelay you have to create a database by exporting the contacts from Gmail, Outlook or another provider. Then you must create your newsletter, template or email that you want to send. Once created, follow the next step, which is to send the newsletter or mail.

It is very important that your database is voluntary, that is, that customers agree that you send them your emails. The mail should be simple but of quality and interesting, that is not cataloged by the client as unwanted and Gmail or Outlook consider it Spam.

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