How to Send my Location in Real Time by WhatsApp? (Examples)

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most successful social networks in the world today. This is because it has quite useful options and tools, and that they are also not present in another means of communication.

The launch of WhatsApp Messenger dates back to 2007, where an application designed for iPhone was initially released in the digital market and later in 2009 would be available for Android mobile devices.

Some of the fundamental tools of the App are the possibility of communicating with your family and friends through text messaging, voice calls or video calls, without cost. The only requirement being to be connected to the internet at the time of using the application.

How to send my location in real time by WhatsApp?

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Whatsapp icon on mobile

The global messaging network is constantly evolving, and this situation has allowed each update that is released to the market to have new options.

In recent years, WhatsApp Messenger has included interaction tools between service users. Some of the most used are the so-called «WhatsApp statuses» in which the user shares 30-second videos or images, up to your location, which will be available for 24 hours. Here we teach you to add your location in the WhatsApp statuses

There is also the option of sharing files in different formats, such as songs, mobile phone contacts and even images or videos from the gallery. This without counting the possibility of making adjustments to the privacy of the account, the background of the application screen or messaging notifications in the form of LED lights or personalized sounds.

Nevertheless, one of the most useful options and that has generalized great impact for the users of this instant messaging application, is the possibility of being able to send location in real time. Being a quite useful alternative and that can get you out of a lot of trouble.

Steps to send my location in real time by WhatsApp

More than a year ago, the new WhatsApp update has included the option to share your location in real time through the application. This tool is based on geolocation, so a personal permission is required on each device, which will be granted by the same user.

It is important to mention that the location provided will be available for a period of Limited time and that the information can also be shared in a group chat or with a specific contact. If you want you can send a fake real time location.

Allow Whatssap to access your location

  • First of all you must authorize the application to access your location, so you must enter the application (WhatsApp).
  • To perform this step, you need to be in the section of settings, located in the upper-left corner of the home or home screen.
  • Next, click on the option Applications and later in notifications.
  • Now select the tool from the list displayed «Advanced Options».
  • Then select on «App permissions» and later in location> activate WhatsApp.

Share location

screen share location on Whatsapp

It is important to comply with each of the steps explained above, in this way the geolocation service will be activated on the device. So now you can share your location with a friend or group. To do this, carry out the following process:

  • Enter the chat of the person or group in which you want to share your location.
  • Then you will notice that right at the bottom of the chat screen, you will find some options available.
  • Click on the clipboard figure (also known as «clip» or «safety pin») this tool is called «to attach».
  • You will find a list of elements that can be shared, click on the option «Location».
  • Choose «real-time location» and wait for the application to perform the corresponding search to indicate where you are exactly.
  • Once your current location has been established, you can add a comment and hit submit.

It is important to mention that your location will be shared for the time you have estimated before sending, and it can vary from 15 minutes, 1 hour or eight hours. But you can also click on end the location in real time when you consider it convenient. There is the option to deactivate the GPS geolocation of your Android mobile or iPhone.

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