How to Send or Cast Content from Google Chrome to Chromecast without Extensions

Send or transmit content from Google Chrome to Chromecast it has never been so easy. The Google Cast extensions used to send or cast content to Chromecast are now passed. Now you can do it in a simpler and faster way without having to use those tedious additional extensions.

However, Google to improve the experience of its users, when sending or transmitting content and connecting Chromecast to a Wi-Fi network, has incorporated a new function (native support) that is disabled by default, in this way its users will be able, much more easily and simply, send or transmit your content without extension Do you want to know more information? Here we will bridle it easy, fast and simple. Let’s get started.

Steps to Activate the function to send or cast files from Google Chrome to Chromecast

Because this Function it is deactivated by default, the initial step is to enable it where it says Flags. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Type in the Chrome address bar: chrome: // flags / # media-router. If for some reason you don’t see a flag, you should make sure you have the updated version of Chrome, how are you going to do it ?; go to menu, then Settings, then About (near) and check if it is updated.
  2. Select the option called «Enabled». To do this, set the setting then Enable.
  3. Restart Chrome so that it can update the changes and they are applied properly, this step is super important for this new update to be enabled.
  4. After solving the previous step and restarting the browser, the new function will now be ready to be used.

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Steps to use the feature to cast files from Google Chrome to Chromecast

To use this function transmit files from Google Chrome to Chromecast you will have to follow the following steps, to the letter:

  1. The main thing to do is open the browser, then start sending and transmitting using the Cast option in the menu, right-click on it.
  2. There you will see that an entry with the name of «Send» click it, a tab will open, where you will be able to see the performance of this function.
  3. After understanding the blue message at the top, the tab will be reduced, and there will automatically emerge the Chromecast devices that the network detects and the type of content you want to send.
  4. Here you can choose if you want to send, to device you have connected to the TV, just a tab, or the entire desktop.

Important tips that you should know about the function to transmit files from Google Chrome to Chromecast

The first tip you should know is that if you had the Google Cast extension installed, this it will be disabled when you restart ChromeHowever, you can delete it when you consider it necessary to do so.

Adding this Google update for Chromecast internally in the same browser, makes the series of activities that are carried out for the transmission of content is more comfortable and faster For the users.

Another tip you should know is that the normal thing is that in the drop-down window of «Send to» Either «Send tab» or «Send desktop» emerges, however with the new update activated, an option with the name «Send file”. When you click, we will see how the file explorer opens, so that you can choose either a video or a song that you want to have on your pc.

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With this new update, Google is increasingly on track to consolidate the integration of functions for Chromecast.

With this initiative developed to send or transmit content from Google Chrome to Chromecast, the tedious work of using extensions for it is finished, now it will be possible to send and transmit content that we have on our computer including videos and movies almost instantaneously.

Therefore, from a general point of view, it is a Google innovation that allows easier, without depending on annoying extensions, link the pc with the Chromecast unit and send content to it, be it from a website or any multimedia content.

Now, have you already updated? What are you waiting for? Put into practice these quick and easy steps to activate this update. As always, we wait for you with simple and practical steps in our next article.

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