How to Send or Request Money by Skype From Mobile or PC

The Skype application is very useful since allows everyone to communicate with loved ones. This is updated every time, in order to provide your audience with new options to improve contact with other people.

It has implemented new functions, such as that of send or request money with your friends. Providing an easier way to do business or plans with your contacts. Many of the users who use this software have no idea how to perform these operations. For this reason we will give you a series of steps, so that you can do it correctly.

What is the option of Skype, to request and send money?

Skype has proven to be a really useful platform for the entire public, to perform conversations with friends and even company conferences. In business, this application has been widely used, since any type of important conversation is carried out through it.

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For these reasons, it has offered a simple way to send or request money among the people around you. In addition, it is very useful because you can install or use it safely from your phone or PC.

send request money by skype from mobile or pc

It should be mentioned that if you don’t want to download it, you can use it quietly from Skype online. First of all, to use this option you must have linked your PayPal account in the app. This is necessary because it is the only way it will allow you to request and send the money.

The first thing you should do is create a PayPal account, when you have it you must enter Skype and look for the banknote symbol, which is at the bottom of the chat, then click on the settings and then ‘Link’. You just have to press the button that says ‘Follow in PayPal’, follow the instructions and accept the terms to finish this process.

How to request money by Skype from the mobile or PC?

To begin, you will have to enter Skype from the device you prefer, since the process will be the same no matter where you are doing it from. Enter the friend’s chat to whom you want to request the money, press the icon of the tickets and you will see how an option is displayed with the person’s data, where you will see a button that says ‘Request money’.

Here you can read the necessary information of your contact, where you are informed of all the conditions to make the request, when reading it, click on ‘Continue’, then a numeric keyboard will appear, in which you will have to write the amount of money you want to request.

Try to enter the exact amount without making mistakes to avoid any inconvenience. When you do this, press the ‘Continue’ button, at the end of the process, your friend will see a box indicating that you asked for money, which he must use to send it to you.

How to easily send money on Skype?

It should be noted that this process is very similar to the one described above. You must enter the chat of the person where you want to send the money, you also have to click on the banknote symbol, doing so will open a tab where you will have to click on ‘Send money’ and carry out the entire process that is indicated there .

happy man send request money by skype from mobile

If on the other hand one of your contacts makes a request To send him money, you just have to press the button that says ‘See details’ where a window will appear with the information such as the amount of money that this person is asking for. To pay, press ‘Pay now’ once this is done, see the payment information to which you will have to pay close attention.

Essentially, it will show you the shipping cost, rates and quantities, If everything seems correct, click ‘Send’ to make the transfer. Your contact will receive the shipment and he will have to accept it.

It is clear that this option that Skype offers us is very useful, because it also helps us send money to our friends who are in other countries. It is becoming important that all users know how to make these transfers. To carry out all these processes, it is recommended to update the application to its latest version either for PC or for cell phones.

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