How to Send or Send Chromecast Content From Another Unsupported Application

Mobile phones have become a powerful communication tool in our time. The pace of life of the people forces this technology is constantly updated to keep up with the increasing demands of the modern world.

Competition between mobile phone manufacturing companies drives them to market increasingly sophisticated equipment. Not only in their capacity but in the quantity and quality of the options they offer to the public.

Its ability to play multimedia files is one of the most outstanding features of these devices. Comfortably enjoy video content, online games, music, images, etc., they do very attractive to the general public.

Although through them you can enjoy a good movie, music video, etc., there is no doubt that we would like better to do it on a computer with a larger screen such as a television for example.

Well, for several years this it’s possible thanks to Chromecast. Chromecast is a device created by the Google company several years ago and that makes it possible for you to play the content that appears on your mobile phone on your TV screen using a Wi-Fi network as a means of interacting.

hdmi connection on tv

Since its creation in 2013 Chromecast has undergone modifications in its design both in its appearance and in the software. All this makes it increasingly functional, easy to use and also allows us to make the most of the capacity of our mobile device.

So it is now possible to enjoy on your television the large amount of multimedia content available, such as a good movie on YouTube or the best Netflix series using the functionality of your mobile as a remote control device. All thanks to Chromecast.

How to send content from your mobile to the TV with Chromecast?

To be able to send multimedia content from your mobile to the TV you basically need the following: a Chromecast, have installed the Google Home App for Android on your mobile, a Smart TV or one with HDMI input and a wi-fi network as a common internet connection. The better the internet connection, the better the playback.

To be able to see what appears in your mobile window on your TV screen, you need to connect and install the Chromecast to the Wi-Fi network. This network must be the same one the mobile is connected to. Open the App compatible with Chromecast and press indicating the device to which you are going to send the content of the screen.

When it tells you that the TV is connected, which it will do by changing color the transmit button, tap Send my Screen. Since then you will be able to send the multimedia content that you are playing on your Android device.

In Chromecast-compatible apps appear every time new and better content that you can enjoy. This is why it is essential to update them frequently so that you do not miss the best that there is for you. Can I cast Chromecast content from another unsupported app? Of course yes, and we are going to tell you how.

How to cast Chromecast content from another unsupported app?

The way to send Chromecast content using another unsupported application is very simple, although little known. The Google Home application is the official App that control all connected Google devices, as in this case Chromecast. So it is necessary to download it from the Google Play Store.

chromecast device

Then you must activate the function of Screen Mirroring on your mobile device. It allows you to show what is shown on the small screen of your Android on your television screen. For this it is necessary that both devices, the Android and your TV support this function.

Then open the Google Home app and this will search for connected Google devices. Then we log in to Google and go to the application options and press Screen Send.

From then on it can be seen on the TV screen what appears on your Android. We hope that this simple explanation will be useful to you to transmit multimedia files to your television.

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