How to Send, Return or Refund a Gift Product on Amazon

If you are a person who loves to give original gifts, without a doubt, Amazon is the online store for you. And don’t worry, even if your purchase is a gift, it can be returned. We will explain everything to you below.

Shopping on Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest online stores to world level. Surely in the course of your life you have met someone who has made or who makes purchases on this website.

To buy on Amazon safely you can log in to Amazon or create an account on Amazon totally free, unless you want to enjoy the Prime account benefits, which you can pay monthly or annually. The main step to be able to enjoy Amazon’s buying and selling services is to log in or register on the official page or in the Amazon application.

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amazon gift box

After this, it only remains to look for the item or items that we want to buy. We will have two options to make the purchase, one is «Add to Cart”, When we add a product to the basket, we can continue browsing to see and buy more products.

If we select the option of «buy rignt now”, They automatically direct us to the site to pay for the product, we will not be able to make any more purchases within that order. This option is generally used when we already know what we are going to buy and it is a single item.

After we have completed the order, we will select the payment methodEither credit cards or electronic money. After this, we will select the shipping method, provide the address to which we want the order to arrive and we will confirm the purchase.

What are gift products on Amazon and how to send them?

The Amazon platform offers its customers the possibility of sending gifts, that is, products that have been purchased in this online store, to third parties. This procedure is done in a similar way to a common purchase on Amazon. However, it has some specs that we will detail below.

To send one or more Amazon gift products, you just have to select them and check the option of «this order contains a gift«, Then complete the purchase in the usual way and select the»add gift options”.

The gift product option allows you include a custom message for the person to whom the order is addressed, send the recipient a personal message by mail after receiving the purchase, hide or omit any proof of payment on the packaging or inside this and wrap the gift package or select to send it in an Amazon box. All this completely for free.

The personal message that you decide to send is printed on the packaging, where the address and name that you have provided, since, with this receipt, the recipient of the order can make changes or returns.

How to return or refund a gift product on Amazon?

If you are the recipient of the gift product, the refund process will be applied after making the return of the gift product, and it is processed as an gift card which will be applied to the account with which you want to perform this procedure, if you do not have one you must create one account on Amazon.

amazon gift wrap

It is important to take into account the policies that Amazon has regarding refunds. In these it is established that the product must be totally the same as it was received, including accessories and manuals, if they have come together with the product.

In case of not having been the one who made the purchase of the gift, the return of this may be subject to price reduction changes. Having processed and authorized the return of the gift product, there is no possibility that Amazon will return the same product to you.

From be the person who made the purchase of the gift productYou must enter the Amazon returns center, write down the purchase order number, the product to be returned and the reason for the return. Then choose your shipping option and request a return label, most returns require one, but there are exceptions where they are not necessary. Now wait for the authorization from Amazon for the return and include this in the package to be returned.

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