How to Set a Default Zoom Level in Chrome and Firefox? (Example)

When you browse the web, you typically visit hundreds of pages and sites, each with its own own configuration regarding the composition of texts and images. This time we will show you how to set a default zoom level in Chrome and Firefox, the most widely used browsers on the web.

Today internet browsers have various native applications that make them extremely versatile. The browser of Google as well as Mozilla Firefox, being the most used on the Web, they also have these multiple functions oriented to capture the preference of users.

One of these pages that you will be interested in configuring the zoom is Youtube, in order to enjoy more of the video reproductions of this page.

To make it bigger or smaller: Zoom

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One of these multiple tools that has been talked about in this note is the zoom. Here you will learn how to set a default zoom level in Chrome and Firefox.

Zoom is an English term that refers to an element (telephoto) of video or photographic cameras. East allows the characters to approach or move away or objects.

The use of the zoom became popular from the third decade of the last century with the rise of cinema and later television. However, its origins date back to the nineteenth century (IXX). With the manufacture of the first modern telescopes to observe outer space.

From this farandulero area, the term zoom passes to other environments such as the computational and informatics development. Here it is used to, in the case of Internet browsing, designate the tool that allows us to make a certain page or site larger or smaller according to the user’s convenience.

chrome mozilla magnifying glass zoom

When browsing the Web, the user is faced with millions of alternative pages, each with a specific configuration. It is important that you know how to establish a default zoom level in Chrome and Firefox.

And although both Firefox and Chrome implicitly bring the option to configure the page size, there is also the possibility of setting a default settings for each browser according to the user’s needs.

This tool can not only be found in your web browsers, Windows also has for you the ability to zoom in on any program you need, and you can even pin it to the taskbar to have it at your fingertips.

Can I set a default zoom level in Chrome and Firefox?

Chrome, the internet browser of the multinational Google, natively brings the possibility of setting a zoom level in a pre-established way. In this case, the first step is to go to Chrome and open a window.

From here the user «clicks» on the menu to enter the configuration. It then scrolls to the option «Appearance». This section is where you get the “zoom” tool for the page. By clicking on this function, zoom, a dossier with the different levels available to enlarge or minimize.

By selecting the zoom level appropriate to the user’s needs. Later it will be possible to verify, when opening other web sites, as these will already come with the default zoom level.

Just as Chrome gives you the option to improve the use of the browser with the zoom option, it also has for you the tool to take or take a screenshot.

Set default zoom in Firefox

In the case of Mozilla’s web browser, Firefox, unlike Chrome, does not include this feature. The closest to this, it is established as some functions, in the Firefox configuration, that offer the possibility of setting a maximum or a minimum and intermediate zoom options on the pages visited.


However, it will be necessary to have some extension or application such as «NoSquintPlus» to set a predetermined zoom range. Remember that here we show you how to set a default zoom level in Chrome and Firefox.

The extension «NoSquintPlus» offers the possibility of setting a preset zoom range, in general for websites visited in Mozilla, as well as for texts.

It will be enough to enable the tool in the browser. Next, click on the image of «NoSquintPlus», located in the address bar

To do this, simply install the add-on and in the address bar of the browser and do «click» about icon NoSquintPlus. Set the desired zoom level and voila, from that moment on, each website visited in Firefox will be displayed with the default zoom level.

You should know that Chrome not only has tools that improve and facilitate your use of your browser, but also that it has extensions that allow you to customize and improve the use of the browser

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