How to Set a Password to a Folder or File in MacOS? – Very Easy (Example)

Computers, in addition to being an extremely useful tool for working or studying, is a device where you can store private and important information, which would not be pleasant to share with any other type of person, much less, who are at your disposal.

That is why the different computer operating systems have implemented tools that allow optimize the security and privacy levels of your files without having to resort to strange methods to hide them.

In this opportunity, you will be able to count on the knowledge of one of the best tools for these cases from the comfort of your computer with MacOS.

Password on folders or documents

Passwords have always been a fundamental method in the privacy of your data and documents on the different devices you have. However, it could be said that this tool was kept distant or hidden from the protection of folders and files for some time.

Password on folders or documents

Today, the reality is that you can preserve the confidentiality of the content that you store on your computer, and for this you must follow a series of simple steps.

Previous recommendations

As with any other platform and device you have, it is recommended to tough password implementation– Long passwords that have an alphanumeric combination and symbols.

If you want to share your information with someone else, make sure that it is trusted and that this information does not fall into the hands of another person. Finally try update password of your folders or documents from time to time.

How to improve the security of my files?

MacOS computers have more than one tool to set security parameters of this type on the content you may have on your computer. Here you will have all the necessary information to successfully carry out all this procedure.

Is disk utility an option?

But of course! In fact, one of the main alternatives to provide a greater degree of security to all that information that you do not want to share. You have this tool available from MacOS X version. Using it is very easy:

  • Using spotlight, search for the “Disk Utility” application.
  • Once the application is open, click on the file tab, go to the “New image” section and, finally, click on the image in the folder.
  • Among the formats that you can find in the image format, it is recommended to select the one for reading or writing.
  • Similarly, in the section on “Encryption”, 128-bit AES is recommended, one of the highest security parameters.
  • Create and verify your password. Make sure to take into account the recommendations given above for structuring a strong password.

Other tools available for MacOS

tools available for macOS

This is not the only channel through which you can protect your files or folders with the implementation of a password. The time has come to explore the rest of the options that may be to your liking.

Protection with Concealer

One of the applications that you can find for your MacOS is Concealer. It has a high security index thanks to its AES encryption with nothing more and nothing less than 256 bits.

Offers a trial period, this application is paid. However, it is an investment that is worth making based on the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of your files.

Espionage 3, part of excellence

With a much higher cost than the first option, this tool is still a viable alternative when it comes to protecting your folders and files. MacOS. It also offers a free trial period to explore most of its features.

It offers the same 256-bit encryption as Concealer, but among its most outstanding features is the creation of fake folders or images, in addition to its integration with spotlight.

Hard decision?

Decide on one of these Applications It is not an easy task, but do not worry. Whatever action you take to protect your information, it will be guaranteed. Feel free to put this new knowledge into practice and get the most out of your MacOS tools.

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