How to Set a Password to an External Hard Drive on Windows or Mac without Programs (Example)

If you use a external hard drive to save your files, but you want to put a password to protect your information this article will help you. Well, we will explain how to set a password to your external hard drive in Windows 10 and in your MacOs easily with the steps that we will show you.

Encrypt external hard drive with BitLocker Windows 10

In the latest version of Windows a full disk encryption feature has been incorporated, this data protection function is incorporated into the operating system. This takes care of protect your team from data theft or equipment exposure lost or improperly removed.

BitLocker definition in Windows: It is the encryption technology of the Windows operating system that protects data against unauthorized access using the disk drive key.

Put password or BitLocker encryption to external hard drive in Windows.

  • Connect the removable hard drive to an available USB port on your computer.
  • Open the file explorer and click on the “This computer” icon that is located in the list on the left side of the screen.
  • Select the external disk that you want to encrypt with a password, right click and choose the option “Enable BitLocker”.
  • Once you do the previous step it will open a new BitLocker encryption window in which you will be asked “Choose how you want to unlock the drive”.
  • In this section we will check the “Use a password to unlock the drive” box.
  • Later we must write the password twice in the boxes that are shown, then press the continue box.
  • Another window will appear with the question of how we want to back up the key with which we have used to encrypt the hard drive.
  • Now select the option that suits you best and click the next button.

putting key to external disk in windows

  • Next, you will choose the amount of space to encrypt on the removable hard drive, we recommend using the second option to encrypt the entire drive and press next.
  • Choose the encryption mode you will use, and choose option “Compatibility mode” so that other versions of windows can use it, and press next.
  • Later you will press the option “Start encryption” to start password-setting your external hard drive and encrypting your information.
  • Finally, the BitLocker application will be completed with a message from the program stating that it was completed.

Put password to removable hard drive on Mac step by step

Now we will show you how to encrypt your external hard drive with a computer with MacOS operating system easily and simply.

Important note: If your removable disk is formatted with the NTFS, FAT32, or EXT file systems, you will have to remove this format using the ones comes by default Mac OS. And we recommend that you make a backup copy of all the data on it so that you do not lose any of it, before encrypting the disk.

Format and encrypt external hard drive on MacOS.

  1. Enter the “Disk Utility” tool that will locate it in the “Applications Utility”.
  2. Select the external hard drive to which we want to key, going to the list on the left side of the window.
  3. Click on the delete option.
  4. Choose option Mac OS Plus with registry, explain the name you will give it and press the “Delete” button.
  5. In this step you will need to create a password. We will remember that it is necessary to repeat twice the text fields where it says “Encryption password” and “Repeat password”.
  6. In the last field, you will select a hint to help you remember the password so you don’t forget it.
  7. Finally you can encrypt with password removable hard drive.
  8. A window will appear indicating that the encryption has finished successfully, you just have to click on accept and that’s it.

putting key to external disk

It’s that simple to put a password on a removable disk with a Mac, whenever you are going to use it on another Mac computer you will only have to type the password. We want to remind you that the steps indicated here will will allow you to achieve your goal, and that they are reliable and practical procedures.

We have finished this informative and intuitive article, we want to remind you that in the portal you will find more information that you need.

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