How to Set a Time Limit for Using an App on iPhone and iPad – Parental Control

Today, we can say that almost every member of the family has at least one electronic device. And, although this can be somewhat beneficial, it must also be admitted that the world of technology presents many dangers for the little ones in the house. If your intention is to protect them, read on and discover how set a time limit for using an app on iPhone and iPad.

Because their developers think about every aspect of our lives, Apple products offer us excellent parental control options. They can be very useful, especially if there is more than one child at home to keep an eye on while browsing the Internet. We encourage you to continue reading and discover in this article how to use parental controls on Apple devices.

How to set a time limit to use apps on iPhone and iPad?

Having children or other children in the home is undoubtedly a full-time job, since it is necessary to give the necessary attention to each and every one of them. Technology is a useful tool when teaching children, since with interactive or educational games, it is possible to encourage them to learn new things.

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Sure, technology can also be double-edged weapon, since extreme care must be taken regarding the time and content that children observe in front of the screens. Apple developers know this situation very well, so it is possible to activate parental control on Apple devices without any problem.

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But how is it possible to achieve this? Well we can control the time our children spend in front of the screens on iPhone and iPad by following a few simple steps. Here we show you everything you need to do.

Steps to limit the use of apps on iPhone and iPad

Apple is a company that stands out for thinking about everything and giving us a useful tool for every situation, and this occasion is no exception. We can use the option «Time of Use on our» iPhone or iPad to measure the time we use some apps, and even set limits if necessary. To activate this excellent option, you must follow the steps below:

  • Turn on your Apple device, either iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • Go to «Settings».
  • Once there, enter «Time of use».
  • Press the option to activate «Usage time».
  • Select who owns the device in question, yours or the child’s. In this case we want to activate the child’s.

Ready! Now you can have a clearer idea of ​​all the use that your little one puts his Apple device. In fact, if you feel it is necessary, you can even restrict sites and web pages that could be a danger or a great distraction for your son or daughter.

Of course, as today’s children are experts at handling such technological devices, you may wonder what can prevent the child from changing or manipulating the settings in «Use time».

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Well, now we show you the steps you must follow to establish a «Time of Use» code that only you can know.

How to set a ‘Time of Use’ code?

Once you have established the settings you want in «Time of use», you must follow certain steps to prevent children from changing or deactivating them. create a code or password. The steps you must follow are:

  • Go back to the section of «Use time».
  • Scroll down and in the «Family» section select the name of the little one.
  • Press «Activate Airtime» and then «Continue».
  • Set all the settings you want, such as how long the apps can be in use, among others.
  • Tap «Use Code» and enter the code when prompted to do so.
  • Go back to enter the code to confirm the action.

Ready! If your son or daughter enjoys video games, you can also put parental controls in Fortnite if you wish. We hope this guide can be useful to you, and that you protect your children with «Airtime» at Apple.

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