How to Set an Alarm on my iPhone or iPad with Ascending Sound (Example)

The amount of small details with which our mobile can help us is incredible, since through it we have access to a multitude of tools. Whether you download it from the application store, or it comes already installed on your mobile, the mobile applications that help us in our day to day are many and they come in all shapes and sizes.

The fact that we have a wide variety of tools with which we can make our way through our daily tasks thanks to our mobile is something impressive. And, when we say that they can help us even in the unimaginableWe really mean it, since it is possible to find an application even to remind you to drink water at certain times and so that you can train as if you were in your own gym.

Do you need an app for something highly specific? Just look for it and possibly you will find it, either in a paid or free app. In fact, most of the applications that are used daily today are for the organization, like a virtual assistant; for health, such as to be hydrated or fit; or even to wake up and sleep properly.

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Many developers have tried to make a good app to help you sleep, and many have been successful, although if you have an iPhone, you may want to take a look at your Clock app. The fact that all iOS devices or iPhone come with this application out of the box, it makes us take its use very for granted, but in reality it is one that we should appreciate.

Unlike other applications, this application comes with some extra details that may interest you, such as the World Clock, the possibility of setting alarms, using a stopwatch, and even the most interesting of all: Bedtime.

Using Bedtime on your iPhone

Through your iPhone, as with the vast majority of mobile devices, it is possible to set alarms for a reminder or simply as an alarm clock.

However, iPhone has had a bad reputation that alarm clocks are quite noisyas they begin to ring with the maximum volume from the first moment they go off, which can be a bit annoying.

But, there is a way to fix this, and that is with ‘Bedtime‘in your Clock app, which is an addition to this application that helps you keep track of your sleep hours in a very interesting way.

You can set sleep and wake times by giving you reminders and automatically setting an alarm when you need to wake up.

alarm time iphone

In fact, if you set an alarm through ‘Bedtime’, you will see that he cares about your sleep, as he will not set the alarm as a reminder.

But as an alarm clock as such; causing the alarm volume to start very low, ascending as the seconds pass to give you a placid awakening without too much fuss.

Setting alarms on your iPhone

Although we already told you about the ‘Time to sleep’ that you have inside the Clock on your iPhone, it is good to take into account the hours ways to be able to set alarms. One of the easiest is through Siri, since using it and asking it to set an alarm, it will ask you the time or if you want to select one that you already had made for specific days of the week.

On the other hand, the volume of an alarm is extremely important, since if you are a very light sleeper, you will not want to wake up with a tornado next to you; and vice versa. So, you can take your time to be able to manage the alarm volume by raising or lowering the sound of your iPhone itself.

Also, we remind you that you can manage your alarms in a better way, since you must turn them off or activate them manually, because if you put the alarm mode ‘Do not bother’, it won’t make any difference to your alarms.

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