How to Set and Adjust the Gutter Between Two or More Columns of Text in QuarkXPress

Through this guide we will teach you all the basics about how to set and adjust the gutter between two or more columns of text in QuarkXPress. Undoubtedly, if you use the program to make brochures and other similar documents, the gutter can be very useful.

Gutter specifically refers to the distance between two columns of text. Undoubtedly adjusting it is very important to achieve a uniform and pleasant appearance. However, those new to QuarkXPress have a hard time finding this option.

For this reason, if you plan to make a triptych in QuarkXPress with measures 10x21cm closed, it is very important that you know where it is located and how to use the gutter option, which can be useful for both triptychs and brochures of all kinds.

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The following configuration is recommended to be performed only after having advanced with the textual content. In case you have not done it, you should then formulate it before, but if you are very new, it is best that you inform yourself to know how to add borders, outlines or strokes to the text in QuarkXPress, which is also important for the final result of the jobs.

Understanding the above, the following is a basic tutorial you should master if you plan to use QuarkXPress more professionally.

  • Once you have prepared the base of the text in which you want use a gutter, it is time to separate it into columns. For this, you must go to the top, where you will find the option “Text”, click on it.
  • All the options related to the text columns will be displayed, here you have the possibility to create two or more columns. Then configure the blade according to your needs.
  • You will also find the gutter option, to configure it simply write the distance you want between the columns in millimeters. Doing this will separate the texts according to the distance provided.
  • Either way, you will notice that there is no line representing the medium. If you want to add a line, simply click on the small box that you will locate on the right side of the option “Cabbage” (Columns).
  • A line will be created that will be exactly in the middle of the project. Note that you can also configure this line by selecting the pattern you want for it. In turn, you can configure the color and width of it.

Although you can make the configuration according to your criteria, we recommend that the changes be subtle, therefore, handle small figures and don’t make too big a line. You can also skip the line issue, although it is recommended as it enhances the aesthetics of the project.

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In turn, understanding the value of aesthetics in the project, it is highly recommended that you master the basics of configuring bullet styles, numbering, and list schema perfectly in QuarkXPress. In fact, for the creation of triptychs and other similar documents it is essential.

The gutter is perfect for creating brochures, brochures, or simply for split the information of a project. It is undoubtedly a highly recommended action if you are interested in the aesthetics of your work.

As for the practicalities, the gutter is a much more precise way of dividing the information of two or more columns. It makes things much easier when you constantly work with it QuarkXPress program, so learning how to use and configure the gutter is something that anyone using the software should be familiar with.

Clearly the gutter and similar options are not the only thing that you must master from QuarkXPressIn fact, the program is classified as being relatively complex. Given this, there is no choice but to learn basic principles such as placing, aligning text, and using adjustment guides in QuarkXPress, in order to create high-quality projects.

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