How to Set and Configure Privacy Policies on Blogger and Control Access on your blog

May l create privacy policies on Blogger? What do I need to set and configure privacy policies on Blogger? How can I control access to my blog on Blogger?

Creating a page on Blogger is extremely easy thanks to how intuitive the platform can be for all those new users.

One of the benefits that Blogger has is that creating a blog is totally free and the Blogger platform gives you multiple options to make your blog more attractive.

Blogger is positioned as one of the best platforms to create content since it allows you to place buttons or icons of social networks, such as the most used and popular social networks either Facebook, Instagram or those of your preference.

In case you do not know how to put and configure the privacy policies in Blogger or how control who has access to your blog we recommend you keep reading.

How to create privacy policies?

In case you are wondering how to create and put privacy policies on Blogger? Today we explain how to do it. Creating and putting privacy policies on your Blogger is extremely simple, the first thing you need is a privacy policy template.

To obtain a template of privacy policies you just have to access “privacy”, with this page you can create your privacy policy template in 3 simple steps.

Once you are inside the page on the right side there is a dark box where you must insert the data to design your privacy policy, the first piece of information you must write is the company or business name, for example: look at how it is done. Then you must click on “next” until the message “Finished!” Appears.

configure privacy policies in blogger

The privacy policies of “” are composed of; A brief introduction, information that is collected, cookies, links to third parties and control of your personal information.

Once you are satisfied with your privacy policy, you must click on the green button that says “Download” and select the format of your download.

Steps to add and configure privacy policies in Blogger

After you have created your privacy policy template you can add these to your Blogger blog, for this you must open your blog in Blogger as usual and in the menu on the left of the screen select the option “Pages”.

Once you are in the “Pages” section you must click on the “New Page” button, a new screen will be loaded where you can create a new page for your blog.

Where it says “title” you must write “Privacy policies” and in the section “Content” you must add your template of privacy policy. For this you must open the document that has your template, select all the text and click on “copy” and then “paste” into the content of the page “.

To finish you must press the option “Html” and then “Publish”, in this way your blog in Blogger will already have a section on privacy and security policies.

Steps to control and restrict access to your blog

Once you have added privacy policies to your blog in Blogger you can also control and restrict access to your blog. Blogger gives you the possibility to control who visits your blog, this is possible through “add members”.

control access to your blog blogger with privacy policies

Blogger allows you to add a maximum of 100 members, these are the users who will be able to access your blog either as authors or readers. For this you must enter your account as usual.

Once you are in Blogger you must select the blog you want to control and restrict, then you must go to the section of “Blog settings” and click on “Permissions”.

This option allows enter readers, administrators or authorsYou just need to enter the person’s email and that’s it, so you can control who visits your blog.

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