How to Set and Set an Alarm on a Mac? – step by step (Example)

When you think of a brand of computer, it is obvious that Apple will come to mind right away. This is inevitable, since it is one of the best on the market, thanks to the large number of functions it has and the applications it brings. With that last in mind Today you will see how to set and set an alarm on a Mac.

No, nobody has gone crazy all of a sudden, really what you read can be achieved and it is easier than you think. Thanks to an official application of the company of the bitten apple, it is possible to configure your computer as an alarm clock, in case you do not have a mobile phone or you simply want to give this use to your equipment (you can also set and configure an alarm or alarm clock in my Windows 10 PC, just in case you have another computer and want to do it).

Why place an alarm on the MAC?

Obviously setting and setting an alarm on a Mac is not normal, since there are many other devices that can perform this action more effectively (for example, you can activate the alarm at bedtime or bedtime on iPhone).

But actually it is very useful, for those who work all day on a computer, and need to be aware of an hour (either to take a medicine, as a reminder of a call, among others).

In addition to this, it serves anyone who does not own a phone or a watch, and does not really have the money to spend on it.

Wherever you see it, despite looking strange, the only benefits that the application brings that allows you to place the alarm, whose name is: iCal.

colorful alarm icon

This it is basically a calendar app, in which you can not only program alarms, but also dates and events that you have pending for the computer to remind you.

It was born in 2002 and saw its last update in 2012, but although it has not received news for a long time, it is more than enough with the ones it already has, since they allow the MAC user to keep track of the events to come.

This application is so complete that even allows you to share your calendar online, in addition to giving you the possibility of being able to subscribe to others’ to be aware of them as well as how you are of yourself (you can even protect my Mac’s calendar with a backup, that is, it is very complete).

Set and set an alarm on a Mac

Now that the above is clear, it is time for you to start the process to be able to configure and set an alarm on a Mac.

The first thing you have to do is start iCal from the folder “Applications”, After this you must configure an event in the application.

You can do it, by day, week or month. If you want to set the day you just have to double click on the box or box that is in the section of that day. Which will allow you to name the event and start and end time.

In the event that you are in the monthly view of the application, you only have to click on the date you want and immediately the same box will appear for you to make your respective settings.

turn off alarm clock

After you have done this, go to the option called “Alarm”, When selecting it, a drop-down menu will be activated with the alarm options that you can configure, which would be: none, message (it will show you a message box when you place it).

Message with sound (this will show you the same message but with a sound to get your attention), email (it will send you an email) and file (it will open a file that you place).

Regardless of which one you choose, then you will simply have to set the alarm time and press the button “To accept”.

And voila, with that the process will be ready, so you already know how to configure and set an alarm on a Mac. Then go to this great application and start your customization.

Remember that in case you have a phone, you will not have to use your PC for this, since you can always make the iPhone alarm sound when it is off or on, which is more efficient (but it is still your decision).

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