How to Set and Update the Weather Location on an iPhone?

IPhones are amazing gadgets created by one of the biggest tech companies in the world. These have an infinite number of functions and applications that allow their users to enjoy many benefits (such as being able to create ringtones for iPhone from iTunes). For that very reason Today you will see how to set and update the location for the weather on an iPhone.

And, there is nothing that these smartphones cannot do, they can literally give detailed readings of all kinds of things such as an address and even the already mentioned weather. So for those who still don’t know how to squeeze the full juice out of their mobile, this is your tutorial.

Set and update the location for the weather on an iPhone

In case you didn’t know, like all phones today, the iPhone brings an application that allows you to monitor the weather in your area, region or country.

In addition, this same one lets you see quite detailed predictions of what the weather will be in the days to come (the prediction is so detailed, that it is as if you were looking for the status of the weather by satellite live), in case you want prepare for a rain, know if you can go to the beach, among others.

This already comes default on all iPhonesHowever, it will not show you the climate of your city all at once, but will be configured with the city of Cupertino, which is the headquarters of the Apple company.

To be able to see the weather in your area, you must enter the city where you are, and that is what you will see next.

different sizes of apple mobiles

First you have to open the application called Weather. When you are already inside it, look for the icon with a “I”Located in the lower corner of the main screen (on the right).

This action will open the application settings page where you must select the + symbol found there (it is white).

This symbol is the one that will allow you to add a city, you just have to search for it by entering its name, and then touch it when it comes out so that it is added and lets you see the weather automatically.

With that it will be ready, so you can already say that you know configure and update location for the weather on an iPhone.

The application will be updated like any other when a new version is available, so there is no need to worry about that.

Functions to consider

Now that it’s clear to you how to set and update the weather location on an iPhone, it’s time for you to learn some of its basic functions.

This application lets you see the weather of a daily city, but it will also show you all the days of the week with their respective predictions on the main screen. The weather is shown through icons such as clouds or the sun, it also brings temperature records, among other details.

You can add the cities you want without limit, but only one will be shown in the main section, if you want that to be yours, you just have to touch it and drag it until it is first in the list.

mobile with apple icon white

At the same time, you can remove the city you want from your list (like Cupertino for example), you just have to drag the city to the side and press the button “Remove“Which will appear, then confirm the changes by pressing”Accomplished”.

With that now if the question is completely answered Setting and updating the location for the weather on an iPhone?, so the only thing you have to do is go to your mobile phone and start adding your cities so you can see the weather whenever you want.

Keep in mind that iPhone not only has this App and function, there are also many more that allow you to do things like create your own wallpaper, or create a shared photo album, so if you investigate more about your device, no longer you will have limits in what you can do.

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