How to Set Black Wallpaper to Save Battery on Android Phones

The battery life of the mobile is something that all its users are very concerned, That is why in this article we will show you how to extend the battery charge of your Android cell phone or Smartphone.

Is it possible to save battery on Android using black wallpapers?

One of the characteristics that we look for when buying a used or new cell phone is that it has the ability to last a long time without the need for load it constantly.

Due to this demand among Android or Smartphone cell phones, a small rumor was generated that if we put a black screen background, this would help prolong the battery charge due to the absence of color.

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However, this totally depends on the type of screen that our Android cell phone or Smartphone has. The ones that have IPS LCD screenLike freeing up space on the mobile’s internal memory, it is useless to put a black wallpaper to save battery life.

How black backgrounds work on mobile screens

It is necessary to know the operation of each type of screen, since black colors are not emitted in the same way in each one. In this way, we can know whether or not a black background will influence the life of our battery. To do this, we will emphasize the three screens most used for the manufacture of mobile devices.

LCD screens

They are a type of screen that consists of liquid crystals. That is why, when they break, the crystals run. They are the most used screens in cell phones and other mobile devices.

Among the main advantages of these screens, is the image quality. As well, it is a much sharper image and more faithful colors. Similarly, the production costs of LCD screens are very low compared to the rest of the list.

These screens work by means of an LED plate that illuminates each of the pixels that are responsible for giving the color. This results in a disadvantage in terms of energy savings. Since when it is required to reproduce black colors, the screen will be on anyway; This ignition system is known as a backlight.

That is why when black screen backgrounds are used on LCD screens; can’t save battery and on the contrary, they work like any other wallpaper.

OLED displays

It is a much more innovative technology than LCD screens. Well, these work through pixels that are turned on individually. In this way, better energy efficiency is achieved and above all much brighter colors are achieved, with darker blacks.

This matter of black colors is due to the pixels are turned off to get the color black; in this way, the absence of the background brightness that LCD screens have is achieved and at the same time the power consumption on the screen is reduced.

Therefore, in OLED screen mobiles it is highly recommended make use of black wallpapers to save battery.

Despite this, OLED displays have the downside of produce stronger, less natural colors. They also have a useful life of approximately five years. Being the blue color the first to present failures.

phones with black wallpaper

AMOLED screens

AMOLED screens have TFT technology, which differentiates them from OLED screens. This allows them to transfer electricity much faster anywhere on the screen. Thanks to this, more vibrant and dynamic graphics are achieved. For this reason, it is the favorite option for gammers.

As for the colors, they have the same operation as OLED screens. That is, they are brighter and the blacks are darker. Therefore, it is also can save battery on mobiles if you use black backgrounds.

On the other hand, the dynamics of these screens do not make them energy efficient. Despite having independent lighting operation in each pixel, the screen consumes much more energy due to image update speed.

Similarly, AMOLED displays also have a shorter lifespan than OLEDs due to its on and off operation of each pixel. Thus, normally the pixels are burned one by one.

Can dark mode help to consume less battery on my mobile?

Dark mode was originally designed to provide visual comfort when the environment is too dark; reducing the white colors of the screen, without losing the clarity of the elements.

Therefore, its relationship with energy consumption is not direct. Well, it is about graphical settings of the application; in other words, the resources consumed remain the same.

However, as we saw earlier, OLED and AMOLED displays work with pixels that are turned on individually. That is why, in this type of screen the dark mode if it helps to consume less battery in the mobile.

steps to activate dark mode

This same principle applies to any black color that is reproduced on these types of screens. It will always translate into energy savings.

However, on LCD type screens, the dark mode of the applications does not work to save energy. But as an alternative, we can reduce the brightness of the screen; in this way we will be able to extend the battery life.

How to know the type of screen that my mobile has and how much battery it uses

First of all, let’s know how to identify an LCD screen. Well, the first thing to remember is that LCD screens are made up of liquid crystals; therefore, if we press the screen, waves will form around dark colors.

Another way to identify LCD screens is attributed to their angles. Now if we try view the screen from different angles, it darkens and changes the colors to blue.

And if we are still not sure, we can look for a black image and place it on the screen, if the black color is not completely dark and it stays lit; then there is no doubt that it is an LCD screen.

Knowing this, we can rule out that a screen is LCD; and therefore it can be OLED or AMOLED. In this case, the difference between these two cannot be known at a glance last.

On the other hand, to find out how much battery your screen uses, you must look in your phone’s settings for «battery use». Here you will be able to know the percentage of battery that your screen consumes. In all cases, the screen is the main consumer of the mobile battery since it is essential for its operation.

Therefore, we should not be surprised by the influence of black backgrounds, as a means of saving battery life.

Tips to save battery life on my Android or iPhone cell phone

On the screens IPS LCD is useless to put a black screen background to save batteryHowever, we can change the brightness intensity and make the feedback light less intense. In this way, the battery demand would be less and the battery charge would be prolonged.

This also works in the case of AMOLED screens, it would be more moderate the brightness of the screen in general and it would extend the battery life a bit more. However, there are times when we need to activate the brightness of our Android cell phone or Smartphone yes or yes.

One of those times is when we are on the street in the sunlight, since it is impossible to make visible the letters, colors and figures on the mobile screen. In the same way we can apply other tips to save battery on the mobile.

You can try turning off unnecessary vibration or tones, such as key tones and vibration when pressing the screen. These functions, although it may not seem like it, consume considerable energy from the battery of your Android cell phone or Smartphone.

Minimize the time for the screen to lock, this way you’ll waste less shine while you’re not using it. Another tip to save battery on your Android cell phone or Smartphone is to deactivate the connections while they are not being used, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS or the location of the mobile.

low battery phone

We know that in our Android cell phones or Smartphone we have several of our social networks installed, however, if it is not something urgent, the disable notifications of these helps us to lengthen the charge of our mobile.

Try to close applications completely that you are not using, do not leave them running in the background, since it still consumes load. Another tip, and perhaps the most important, is to activate the «energy saving» mode; that has the majority of Android cell phones or Smartphone in its configuration.

How do I know what consumes the most battery on my Android cell phone or Smartphone?

Most of the Android cell phones or Smartphone, have included a system that detects which are the apps that consume the most batteryIn this way we can limit their use, avoid having them active in the background, and even download a lighter version of them.

To know which applications consume more energy All you have to do is open the “settings” or “settings” section of your Android cell phone or Smartphone, then go to the option “battery”, “battery use” and there it will give us some brief statistics on all applications and consumption of battery that these generate.

Based on the information obtained, we can deduce which applications are the ones that consume the most battery and evaluate if we can replace these with lighter ones or eliminate them from our cell phone Android or Smartphone.

Of course, as mentioned above, the screen will always be the biggest battery drain on your cell phone. By not being able to be eliminated, the best thing is apply alternatives to reduce their consumption.

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