How to Set Bullet, Numbering, and List Outline Styles in QuarkXPress

With the following basic guide, you will learn how to set bullet, numbering, and list outline styles in QuarkXPress. Something essential to use the application in a more professional way.

It is usually known, but QuarkXPress is relatively complex, therefore, it is often recommended to make logos with Microsoft Publisher, in addition to other actions, since it is a somewhat more intuitive program.

Creating and configuring basic bullet, numbering, and outline styles in QuarkXpress

To start using the bullet, numbering, or outline styles, you will need have the base of the document prepared. Given this, once you have completed your work, we can proceed with the configuration of the style.

quarkxpress manual

  • First select the text, you can do it by double-clicking or with the key combination Ctrl + E. After this, you must select the option “Paragraph attributes”This option will be found on the right side of the “T” -shaped icon.
  • Pressing on this option will show all the actions of the paragraph, this is where we can make specific settings in relation to the styles in the application.
  • At the top you will see the name option “./123”, next to it the listed options will be displayed. As indicated by the icon, bullet style options and numbering options are displayed.
  • To start applying the styles, simply select the one that suits your needs. It doesn’t matter if you select “Bullet” or “Numbering”, each is configured in the same way.
  • After doing the settings above, you will notice that the text will now have the bullets / numbering. Still, you can make other settings to further enhance the text.
  • For example, if you want to create “Subordinate lists”, you will need to use the bleed option. To do this simply go to the top where it is shown “To bleed”. Here you will notice that there are two options, one with the arrow pointing to the left, and one with an arrow pointing to the right.
  • If you select the option on the right over a text, you will notice that it will become a lower level with respect to the original bullet. You can create different levels, which will be useful to indicate that one part of the text belongs to another, in other words, create subtopics.
  • The above is the basics for QuarkXPress styles, but you can also position, align text, and use wrapping guides in QuarkXPress, which will enhance the appearance even more. Also, there are more advanced options.

Advanced Settings for Bullet, Numbering, and Outline Styles in QuarkXPress

Undoubtedly if your plan is to make a cover for a sports newspaper in QuarkXPress or other complex actions, it is best to opt for advanced options. The possibility of create advanced bullet styles, perfectly personalized. These are a valid option if you want to establish a project in a more understandable way or with a personal style.

vinetas text numbering quarkxpress

  • Carrying out this process is easy, simply go to the “Edit” tab located in the program options. Once here locate the option “Bullet styles numbering and outline” and press on it.
  • A new menu will open, if you want to create a specific style, simply click on “New”. In this section, you can create bullet styles, numbering styles, and outline styles. Simply select the option you want to edit.
  • Give it a name that you can easily recognize and configure the options. As you will see, in the characters (in the case of the bullet), you can do the setting with any symbol you want.
  • If you want to change the default bullet, simply paste the symbol of your interest in the “Bullet characters” section.
  • The section “Body” represents the size of the bullet. Select the percentage you want in relation to the text of the project. There are other options, but the above are the most basic and functional. But, you can configure the style much more.
  • All of the above is equally valid with the numbering and the diagrams. However, in the case of numbering, predefined character styles will be displayed. There you will see Roman numerals and various types of numbering that you can configure to your liking.

The previous settings allow actions such as bordering, contouring, or tracing text in QuarkXPress in a much simpler and more organized way.

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